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We are going to Pulau Ubin Singapore on Sunday (17.3.13), I went in to kareshi's hse on Saturday evening, so that it won't be too rush the next day as No one can predict the traffic on the causeway, so better be safe than sorry. But Kareshi is meeting his friends on Saturday night so I went dinner with his okaasan (mum), Imouto (sis) and obaasan (aunt)~ We went to Plaza Singapore Manhattan fish market because Shavin (imouto) bought the dining voucher frm Groupon~~

My look for the night. Royal blue Culottes is from Foruchizu.

We reached around 8pm, and the queue is long. Waited for around 20-30 mins to be served.

The Menu


Compliment mocktail (included in the voucher set) Mine is Gummy bear. It taste like gummies I think~ but not bad~ ^_^
Seafood soup, quite nice actually.

Dory fish fillet with rice

After the dinner we shopped around for a bit and headed home, because I miss my kareshi so much~ can't wait to go home and hug him. Haha.

The next day, Kareshi went to work in the morning. So I waited for him at home, getting myself ready for Pulau Ubin. My first time visiting there. hehe. Its gonna be fun!

We decided to take a bus to Changi Village because it will be tiring after the trip. It will be a torture if kareshi still needs to drive after a tiring ride. The bus ride was long, around 2 hours I think. We both fall asleep in the bus. I should say kareshi fell asleep first, then all I did was snapping his photos, wanna capture all kind of looks of his. Don't wanna miss any of them. hehe.. but I will not post it here, gonna keep kareshi as secret. He is mine! lol.

I love this picture... love it when kareshi holds me tight. Feels so warm and safe.

As I said I don't wanna show kareshi's face, but I really need to post this photo so I mosaic his face out.
I don't know why he does this to me but ya, he always does it. That day, he did it again.
Me: [You poke again then I take photo ar~] who knows... he goes....
Kareshi: "Okay!" Poke and posed, waiting for me to take photo. LOL
This kareshi ar~ really a naughty monkey. but a cute one, I like! hahahaha
After a long long ride, we both are famished. I had the famous chicken cutlet hor fun from this famous stall which apparently was shown on a few tv shows. After comforting the grumpy stomach, its time to depart!

The Jetty. The boat to Pulau Ubin cost $2.50 per trip. Not expensive.

The boatman is looking at me and wondering if I wanna be on board. because I am the last one and yet still standing there taking photos. haha~ dilemma of a blogger. Takes photos of everything... and have to stand on the weird look people gives you everytime~

I have not feel the sea for a long long time~ Its nice feel the breeze and to smell the sea again~!

That's me in karesh's sports glasses. I am lucky to have my kareshi because I can basically wear his everything. except top because its too big. I can wear his shoe, his pants, his accessories~ very good deal I have here. haha.
Around 10-15 mins, we arrived at Pulau UbinPulau Ubin is mostly for bike riding. Trail bike riding too. BUt today we ain't going for that, because I have not ride for many many many years. I don't have the stamina to last I tell you.
Kareshi choosing a tandem. but actually all the tandem can not make it one. They didn't maintain the tandem. All looks so worn out and old, like its gonna break any moment. but still have to choose one. because I definitely can't ride alone. My knees was injured in the past hence, my legs are not strong. plus, I don't really exercise, so you can imagine me riding alone.. 10 mins is the max I can hold I think. haha
Kareshi test riding the tandem. Make sure that it works. But actually all not quite working well. hahahaha!~

It wasn't okay actually but just make do. So this is the "chariot" that is gonna fight along with us.

Took a map of Pulau Ubin before we head off (although kareshi keep brags that he knows Pulau Ubin well)

Guess what!! The so called "CHARIOT" really broke down in like 5 mins after we took off! LOL
Kareshi took quite some time to get the chain back in track again. The chain is just too stiff, it doesn't goes along the flow. Told you, no maintenance given. After that, kareshi never change gear. because once he change gear, the chain will come off again! That means, we have a tough ride waiting for us. Kareshi said, never mind, take it as training. (he rides every Monday with his friends)

I will always follow you wherever you go.. I will always be with you no matter where we are.. and I meant what I say... ^_^

I swear my face looks shiner than it seems in the photo~

Didn't bring along my zoom lens, can't zoom close enough for the flower~ this is the best I can get with my fix lens.. one step closer to the flower I guess I will be inside the pond. haha

I took this secretly when kareshi is resting on the tandem enjoying the scenery~ nice shoot I would say, no?

Due to the rain.. kareshi's shirt is a mess after the ride.. but luckily there's a creation called washing machine. hehe

Our matching shoe. (My shoe is given by kareshi actually)

When Kareshi told me about this stall, I don't believe him. but when I saw it, I know he is not joking. There really is this stall with funny name! Y YOU SO LIKE THAT?!! LOL
The duckie face is because kareshi say no cold drinks for me!
Kareshi: "I'm gonna have cold chilled 100 plus! but No cold drinks for you. Only hot tea!
Me: [ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I'm sweating like hell and you still want me to drink hot tea? really?]
I show kareshi my duckie face and... tadahh~ I got my chilled 100 plus! hehe~ kareshi the best!!

Our "Chariot" resting aside... haha

My legs.. I can't feel them any more  Btw, the pants I'm wearing.. belongs to kareshi.. the shoe also belongs to kareshi.. hahaha

We cycled round and round because kareshi wants to show me this and can't find where it is! (I thought someone said he is familiar with Pulau Ubin). After searching for 2-3 rounds, we are finally here at the beautiful quarry!! The water is so so so clam.. and the air is so fresh, its even fresher after the rain! so relaxing!

Oh ya!! I spotted some bird nest! tons of them!! (wonder if there's birdnest in it.. lol)

Its raining heavily again just after we finished cycling (quite lucky!), manage to get back to Changi Village without getting drenched. Changed on with clean clothes, get on the bus and home we go.
I love to be in kareshi's arm. I love to feel him.. his touch.. his hugs.. his smell.. He makes me feel so safe, secure and loved. He has the warmest chest, and the greatest him, is mine. ALL MINE! hehe. I fell asleep not long after the bus droves off, it was really tiring but a very fun day!

We had our late heavy dinner at Wendy's before we went home. Really don' t wanna get out of the house any more once we step in.. haha....

That's all for today... I am worn out. Good night.

If you would like to know more...
Pulau Ubinhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pulau_Ubin
Plaza Singaporehttp://www.plazasingapura.com.sg/malls/website/index.aspx
Manhattan Fish Market: http://www.manhattanfishmarket.com/

~Live to Dream ♥ Dream to Live~

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