Dejavu Lasting-fine Eyeliner

So I posted few weeks ago that I won something from vivi Malaysia contest (check it here). I received it sometime ago (12.04.13)~ but I wasn't home as I went to Malacca with kareshi. I'm so happy to see it when I got back home! ^_^

Now lets us take a look at the prize!

I came home and saw this parcel on my table, I was delighted. (Have I not mentioned how much I love receiving parcels?)

Opened it up and I saw this!! hehe~~~ so excited!

dejavu Lasting-fine eyeliner! It gives a wink to your future. Well, at least it says so.

Its a pen eyeliner, so remember to close the cap until it clicks (clicks means tightly closed)

This is how it looks like.

Its brown color~ There are 3 different colors in this range, Deep Black (black tube), Real Black (red tube) and Dark Brown (brown tube). The person-in-charge contacted me after they announced the winner list, I chose dark brown color as I had never tried other color eyeliner than black, so just give it a try since its free! Hehe

I tested it out the other day, but I wasn't on full makeup, in fact no makeup at all, just tried on the eyeliner only, I know I'm lazy! Ha!!
Eyes open and closed (hands abit shaky when taking the photo of eye closed)

Another closed up shot.

I drew a cat eye liner on my left eye, right eye without so that its easier for you gals to see the differences. 

The texture was harder (quite hard in fact) then I thought it would be (at least harder then what I'm using), it would be a love if its softer and smoother or maybe it's just because I don't have foundation on that's why it's not too smooth to draw on. But I really kinda like the color, because it gives a more natural look, not as harsh/ vivid as black color. (Although some of you might think that it looks black in the photos, but its not. I have thicker and longer eyelash so it kinda creates shadow and make it looks black~)

You can get them at sasa, watson and other departmental stores!

If you would like to know more..

~Live to Dream ♥ Dream to Live~

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