Laneige BB Cushion & Water Bank Essence

There is a contest on going on Nuffnang for bloggers to win an ambassador contract with Laniege. I guess all female bloggers will not want to miss it (including me). But I am gonna be very honest here.

I have heard and seen so much about Laneige, but seriously I have not tried once (I told ya I'm not going to lie). Its not that its not a good product (in fact it is very GOOD!) but just that I have too many left (may it be skincare or makeup) to finish up before I can get my hands on Laneige. I don't expect myself to set all those existing ones aside (can't bear to do so either) and buy new ones because that will be such a waste despite how much I would like to lay my hands on Laneige!! >_<

I saw Laneige Malaysia Facebook posted a Laneige BB cushion sample giveaway some time ago and I was like Yes! I should go get it to try and blog it as the entry post for the contest! So I quickly check on the stores around whether they still have stock for the samples. But, out of my surprise (not really out of my surprise actually) it all GONE! All gone in 2-3 days!! Argh... so no more sample for me.. T_T

The reason why I really wanted to get a sample of Laneige BB Cushion to try on before I get the actual product is because I have a sensitive skin, no one wants to buy something then only realize you can't use it. That will be so suck. And the reason why I so wanna try on Laneige BB Cushion is because the amazing benefits that it brings!!

Laneige BB Cushion comes in 4 shades, True beige, Natural beige, Sand beige, and Brown beige. Suitable for all Asian skin tone. My shade color will be Natural beige.
(photo taken from Laneige website)

Here is another photo for the shades color. (photo from google)

It also contains 5 active ingredients for Whitening + Sunscreen + Sweat-proof + Soothing + Skin Tone Correction.
Its a new AIR pump technology that allows each touch on the cushion, it will pump a thin layer of BB cream to the puff! so that you will not have too thick but a nice thin layer of BB cream on your face that gives you a flawless like skin like all those K-pop stars!

What really catch my eyes is the sweat-proof function!! It this a dream or what? BB cream that is sweat-proof? How awesome is that? The fact that I really perspire easily and a lot because I can't stand heat, I always have problems with my makeup fading or become patchy in the noon. Even if I touch it up, it will not look as good as when the makeup is freshly done, agree? so I thought this is the fate that I have to stick on for the rest of my life until I saw Laneige BB Cushion! This is so gonna be the life saver for people who tend to sweat more like me! Plus, its SPA 50++! Perfectly protects you from damaging UV lights that cause uneven skin tone and sorts!!

Another Laneige product that I am really interested with its their Waterbank essence!
Water Bank Essence
Water is really the most essential element for woman as the old folks saying "Women are made of water" right? hehe. I especially put Water on the top of my priority list for everything. I have a sensitive skin (because I have Eczema) which cause my skin to be quite dry, so I have to make extra effort to maintain the water level in my body so that I won't dried up as a mummy. I drink around 3 liters of water per day, apply moisturizing body lotion day and night but this is not enough! What about my face? I have tried many hydration products but I can say none of them really seems to be effective enough, I am not saying its not working but just not enough, I simply need more water! Maybe I should just soak myself in a pond or lake.

When I saw this Laneige Waterbank Essence the other day (same day when I saw Laneige BB Cushion sample giveaway) it caught my attention once again. I said "once again" is because after some time only I realized that I know this product quite some time ago but didn't get it because of my past over stock skincare products, I should really quit this bad stocking habit, its causing me missing the chances to try on all these good ones!

Laneige Waterbank Essence is A 24-hour Long-Lasting moisturizing essence that contains Mineral Water for skin turnover and water pump system to circulate moisture to leave your skin supple and smooth all day without roughness and dryness.

The rich suppleness instantly dampens your skin and forms a natural moisture barrier so that your skin does not dries out. It contains chestnut extracts and seaweed extracts to promote turnover of dead skin cells on the skin and exfoliate your skin for clean and lively skin texture! This is exactly what I need!! Its gonna be my new love I know.

Yesterday my colleague told me she had just bought the Laneige BB Cushion with the promotion price launched by Laneige Malaysia, and she said she loves it!! Too bad I wasn't in Malaysia before the promotion deadline (because I was in Singapore for Vesak Day, will blog about it soon). Now no more cheaper price BUT after my colleague's thumbs up for Laneige BB Cushion, I think I will just get it whether there's sample or promotion! Its too good to be missed!

PS: You may get Laneige BB Cushion and Water Bank Essence at a LOWER price than retail!! Contact me now if you are interested! Korea 3CE makeup product can be found here too!

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