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Woke up feeling tired in the morning because slept late last night due to the late night karaoke. Kareshi even worse, he can't sleep because not used to the bed and he blamed me for scaring him about the windmill. I told him that I am scare and I don't like the sound of the windmill, but I fall asleep right away, leaving him behind alone with the sound of windmill. hahhaha.. I am sorry~ >_<

We drove to Jonker street for Chicken Rice Ball. Although my friend recommended Hoe Kee but we decided to settle at Chung Wah instead. The queue here is always crazy!
The nicest chicken rice ball in Malacca!! There's already a queue there! We waited for 30 minutes or so to be seated. Business damn good.

Everyone is already starving like hell, can't wait any second longer.

I have tried chicken rice ball many many years ago, but from what I recall, I don't really like it. Many years later today, surprisingly.. I quite like it! Maybe the one I had before is not the nice one. The chicken is NICE!! very juicy and fresh!!!

and the balls...small tiny balls that looks just like fish balls! its yummy!! I honestly regret to give some to kareshi as I thought I couldn't finish it. hahahaha

Random shot of the street. After the chicken rice ball, we went to San Shu Gong for some local product and then head off to Jonker 88 for more food!

Queue again!! Everywhere in Malacca requires you to queue!! >_<

Inside is actually quite spacious, but really crowded and hard to get a sit. many people stand to eat.

Durian cendol

Dried fish mince noodle

Baba laksa

After the food, we head back to homestay to prepare for checkout. Kareshi said this shop has nice breakfast too! Really love the buildings in Malacca! so vintage feel.

After checkout, we went to shopping malls again. We was actually thinking to catch a movie but the elderly said gather around 4.30 pm which leaves us no time for movie but just wander around. So forget about movie, we went for archery. This archery is located at Plaza Mahkota. We walked over from Dataran Pahlawan, its just opposite.

Time to get aimed!

My very first try on archery. The bow is heavy! but I think I did not bad as a first timer la.. at least I hit quite a few. ahahah

Kareshi looks so good here!!! (of course la, see who is the photographer ma!) In fact, he looks good in everything!!!! ^_^

He is really good in ANY SPORTS. He has the most hits among all 4 of us, straight to the bulls eye!!! Bravo! kiss you, muacks!! hahaha

The whole session finished in like 30 minutes or so. My hands are damn sore and pain. Kareshi keeps laughing at me, said I never exercise that's why. Okay, okay.. I will exercise more often now. we still have time so we decided to go for a drink.

Saw this chicken lil dancing with its crew while buying bubble tea for kareshi~ its cute lo, my first time seeing chicken lil. haha

After archery, we still have some time left before the meeting time, so I brought them to Nadeje. Although I have heard lots of complains towards their bad attitude but since kareshi and his sister have not tried it before, so just try.We decided to take away to avoid the long queue for dinning in.

We bought 2 pieces of mille crepe.

This is chocolate banana if not mistaken

and the berries ones~ (can't remember the name either, since I can't eat so can't remember their names too~ lol). After the cakes, we gathered around 5.00 pm and depart home. 

Bye bye Malacca, see ya soon!

I estimated that we will reach Kulai around 7pm, but who knows we met an serious traffic jam at the high way due to serious accident, a gigantic truck turned over and caused a 6 km jam. Was trapped for almost 2 hours for 6 km drive... I swear My bladder almost burst!!! It was a scary experience, don't dare to drink that much while driving ever again. T_T 

By the time we reached Kulai (my place) it was almost 9 pm. Initially planned to bring them to Gelang Patah for seafood but the timing doesn't fit so change of plan to dine in Kulai's well known seafood restaurant- Meei Shi Restaurant. Food list as below.. All dishes were wipe out! clean and clear! haha, maybe all too hungry.

Ginger spring fish slice

Malay style fried mee

Sambal Kang Kung

"Dong Po" meat

Bitter gourd handmade fishball soup

Yam Ring with sweet sour pork

Hot plate Japanese toufu

Crystal prawn

Food for 10~~ Glad that they all love it!

If you would like to know more...
Chung Wah Chicken Rice Balls:
Kedai Kopi Chung Wah (Hainanese Chicken Rice) 中华茶室 (海南鸡饭)
18, Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka.

San Shu Gong 三叔公:
33, Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka.
Contact Number: 06-282 8381
Opening Hours: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

Jonker 88:
Jonker 8888, Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka (GPS :2.196727,102.246666)

Nadeje Plaza Mahkota
G-23, 25 & 27, Jalan PM 4, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia.
Contact Number : 06-2838750

Nadeje Mahkota Parade
Lot G23B, EG4 & EG5. Ground Floor, Mahkota Parade, No. 1, Jalan Merdeka, 75000 Melaka.
Contact Number : 06-2843469

Facebook page

Meei Shi Restaurant:

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