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Aloha! I'm back with a post I promise. The SA Peel post. As you know, I did an extreme peel before which is ECR (you can read it here).

But like I mentioned before, my dead skin and clogs are damn serious plus my acne keeps on coming, I decided to undergo a milder peel- the SA peel. I had my SA peel that day after I had my tai tai spa (you can read it here).

This is right after doctor Pan apply the SA peel on my face.

This is after wash on that night. Its a bit reddish but not to worry about. See the uneven skin tone on both left and right of my forehead? I really hope that it goes away! 

This is day 2, and its started to peel off around the mouth area~

Day 3- T zone peeling off~ Day 4-6 the peeling of the rest of the skin. On Day 6.. My skin were fully peeled off!

Day 7 with makeup on for a wedding dinner~! Haha~ I am happy with my baby like skin again!!

SA peel will not peel off like a snake changing skin (ECR will). So if you wish to have your skin peeled but scare to have drastic peel, you can try this! It's milder! ^_^ best is to consult with the doctors before you decide on any~

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