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Kareshi was here the night before as he has no morning class today so we brought okaasan and ah gong ah po (maternal grandparents) for breakfast!

We went to this very old school coffee shop which has the best coffee in town! Everyday, they personally roast the Coffee bean with butter, that is why their coffee has the unique fragrance! It's really a must try in Kulai! And they are the only coffee shop (if I'm not mistaken) that still toast a toast with charcoal! How awesome is that huh!! Another must must try! Hehe.. maybe I will blog about it.

After sending grandparents home, we headed off to Putuo Village, the Little Pratalaka. That moment, kareshi has no idea where I am bringing him to. In fact, I also don't know because I also never been there. It's okaasan who suggested to go Putuo Village as she wants to show kareshi around. I was so excited. It feels like a kid going to the zoo~ lol

Just drive along the way, there will be clear direction, you will not get lost. It is easy to reach this place. When you see this (along the main road), means you are not far away! Its the very first entrance but there's still a distances away from the hall.

What really makes this short trip amazing is the morning weather was just great! A Sunny day to make everything else shine!

Look at the greenery already makes me feel so refresh! Oh, I have to mention this. See the road / path? It used to be a muddy trail. A Samaritan fork out own pocket money to hired people to get this cement road done! What a nice guy! A meritorious deed!

Less than 5 minutes drive, you will see this sign which means you are here at the Putuo Village!

But before you hit the main building, you will have to travel through this path. Although I sound like its far away but its not, It's just deep inside. Good things are hidden. Waiting for you to discover. ^_^ Plus, Putuo village is 43 acres big. So hang on there. hehe..

All the signs are clearly stated so rest assure. Just follow the sign, go straight deep down the path until you see this sign. Guanyin Pavilion is on the right.

Welcome to the main hall - Guanyin Pavilion

There are 12 Buddhist Patron and 12 Dharmapala for each Chinese Zodiac. I never knew each Chinese Zodiac has their own Buddhist Patron and Dharmapala until Kareshi told me. Hence, I was curious about mine. I think That's why mummy brought us here. First to bring Kareshi around, second to fulfil my curiosity. I didn't take photos of the Patron and Dharmapala as I would like to keep it a little mystery, so if you would like to find out your own Zodiac Patron and Dharmapala, come visit here!

Another shot of the main entrance.

The pavilion's rooftop was made by straw mat, that's why its cooling. You really don't feel stuffy inside the hall. 

This is a corridor where all the 12 Chinese Zodiac's prayers amulets are. Chinese believes that, each Zodiac will have different times (ups and downs)/ fortune. Example, this year is the water snake year. Snake zodiac people will have tougher times this year compare to other Zodiac. In short, this is a place where people place their prayers accordingly to their chinese zodiac. I honestly don't know how to explain this any further (Forgive me for being not intelligent enough). lol (p/s: that's my okaasan and kareshi.)

Yup, me and my Okaasan.

We walked along the path and we came to the dining area where you can have some food and drinks if you are hungry. Of course, there's only vegetarian food. We continue walking and I saw something beside the restaurant that really caught my attention.

Look at this!!! Its simply awesomely beautiful! I fall in love with this instantly. I believe it suppose to have water flowing through like water fountains because I saw some piping beside the pathway, but it wasn't turned on that day. I think it will only be turned on on certain days or event.

Kareshi took this! I always knows that Kareshi is also somehow talented in photography~ lol

Before we head to the next stop, I saw this stone sign sorta, kinda hiding behind the trees.. Its lovely right? and don't deny it. Its a good shot! hahah! All photos shown here are original with no edit. All taken by my iphone 5.

I love looking up to the sky. Many times, it surprised me. Spare a minute off your life just looking forward, but look up. You might find something amazing, you might realize something different. Your mind will be cleared. At least, That's what it does to me.

Here we are at the next stop. There are several spots here. Check the signboard~

The Tea booth.

I like this path way, its just beautiful! but next time really must bring mosquito repellent. My limb are their yummy finger licking good dessert.. >_<
While walking up the pathway, we saw this bamboo pathway. It is still under construction.
The Tunnel of Love in Ukraine
Hope when its done it will have this kind of feeling~~ hehe. By the way, this is actually "The Tunnel of Love in Ukraine" which is actually a railway that transports wood to a local factory. When me and kareshi first saw the bamboo pathway, we both thought of this tunnel of love in Ukraine at the same time! (I knew we are the perfect match~ hahaha.. syok sendiri).

The Guanyin statue and the Buddha (Sakyamuni) Relic pagoda. The Relic worshiped in this pagoda is from a 1000 years old temple in Myanmar.

Another Buddha statue. All these are donated by the followers to build.

Another amazing view that took my mind out of my body... (I think I am quite good with photography, haha)

This road is part of the pathway for "3 steps 1 bow ceremony" which actually leads all the way back to the Guanyin pavilion with a total distance of 800 ft, 369 steps, and 123 bows. Every Goddess Festival, Putuo village will held this "three steps one bow" worship activities for the people to pray, and wash away sin. I recently just participated in "3 steps 1 bow ceremony" (in Singapore) during Vesak day, it was my first time (read here if you missed it). 

Buddha Shower Pavilion

Kareshi and Okaasan showering the Buddha. Buddha shower is believed to purification of body and mind. While showering the Buddha, pray sincerely in heart, to hope to remove greed, hatred, ignorance, keep words, Body and mind clean. Purify the mind and turn the earth to Pure Land, guide people to goodness Bodhi. 

This is what we called Prayer wheels. Putuo Village's prayer wheels is the 2nd longest in the world, the longest is in Tibet. The concept of prayer wheels came from Tibetan Buddhist culture. Tibetan put the scriptures inside the prayer wheels, rotate clockwise once equals to recite the scriptures once. If you turn it repeatedly with the heart of Respectful and repentance, it equals to chanting "Six Syllable Mantra" hundred times, and even thousand times. In addition to adding merits, it also allows the mind to immerse.

Kareshi spinning the prayer wheels. Behind him the the Buddha wall. These hundreds, thousands of small Buddha statues are being worship by the followers. 

Another "Bamboo forest". Do you know that there's a common saying that When there's bamboo, there's Chinese around? hehe. After the spinning of prayer wheels, we are done for the morning. Time to head home and shower because I feel damn itchy all over after feeding the mosquitoes.
On our way home. It was a fruitful and meaningful morning. I am grateful that the weather was clear and nice, I am glad that I went with okaasan and kareshi. I am glad that we were home safely. I am grateful for everything I have. Thank you.

Oh ya, these are the souvenir from Putuo Village, it has a CD, a book, and maps.

If you are tired of the fast pace city, if you have no where else to go and got nothing better to do, you now know where you can explore and to relax. Photography lovers may also explore here to get some nice photo shoot! ^_^

I shall end this post with Putuo Village's address, so that non-local can find your way here.
Amitabha Charity Village (Putuo Village)
Lot 1481, Jalan Kampong Fielda Taib Andak,
Off Jalan Kota Tinggi, 81000 Johor

and also, a map for your easy reference. Say Thank you~ lol (click to enlarge)

If you would like to know more...
Putuo Village - Little Pratalakahttp://www.putuovillage.com.my/
(The website is only available in Mandarin)

P/s: Just realized that Putuo Village website is no longer available.
This is the company's main website: http://amitabhamalaysia.org/web/charity_village.html
(updated on 5 Nov 2013)

~Live to Dream ♥ Dream to Live~

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