Best Hokkien Mee & Movie Date

I promised that I will blog about the best hokkien mee that me and kareshi love previously in this post here. The other day, we happened to go there, so here is it.

Thursday after work, I went to Singapore to meet kareshi. Initially we decided to try the famous scissor-cut curry rice because I've never tried before.

By the time we reached, there wasn't much ingredients left so we decided to have the best Hokkien mee that we both love instead!

Its located at serangoon this street. 

It is a corner shop lot. Dine in cost $4, takeaway $5. Oh and they close on Monday. 

Ingredients are fresh and generous. Plus point, it is not oily! Won't feel guilty after finishing a big plate myself! Thumbs up! Kareshi can finish up 2 plates himself!

Friday morning (28.6.13), kareshi dropped me off at woodlands checkpoint. I took a bus in to JB to work. No mood to work today too~ coz I can't wait to have a movie date with him! lol

Tick tock, tick tock.. finally, Knock off! waiting for Kareshi to pick me up from work to a movie date at City Square (Johor Bahru one, not Singapore). Although there are quite a few movies that we wish to watch but both of us like Pixar so we decided to watch Monster University~

It feels like we have not watch movie together for quite some time. I like the moral of the story! Never give up, every one has their own strength and they will shine on their own stage! No one is useless.

After the movie, we took bus straight back home.

It is always good to be back to My second home.

Saturday (29.6.13), we watched despicable me 1 at home because we plan to watch despicable me 2 next Friday (5.7.12). Can't wait too see the minions in action again!

Our Saturday dinner at Ichiban after had a great laugh over the minions.

2 of us ate 11 plates. I have to admit, we over ordered. Both our tummy grow so big! Especially mine, like 3 mths pregnant.. Lol! But we really like Ichiban's sushi.

After the dinner we headed back to JB, the jam was really bad but also because of the jam, we happened to still be in JB area around 10pm, just in time for the lok lok I love! Kareshi has not tried lok lok, so I would say it's the perfect time for him to try.

I especially like this stall is because of the fresh ingredients. I always test the fish balls first because fish balls are hard to maintain its freshness, they only last for a day or two. So I believe if the fish balls are fresh, the rest of the ingredient will be too.

Grab what you want, dump it into the boiling water or pass it the the boss to deep fried for you.

Pricing are stated clearly so you know how much you have eaten and won't get shocked while billing.

Kareshi loves it!! Hehe, but he feels that it's not cheap. Well it's indeed not very very cheap but still manageable as once in a blue moon supper. Glad that he loves it! ^_^

That's all for my weekend. Me and kareshi had a great laugh. Our weekend together might be simple, but it is the simplest things that give the greatest Joy. Sorry for missing a post last Saturday. I wasn't feeling well. I will try my best to maintain my blogging speed but sometimes, you just can't have everything in control. That's life~ Have a great day ya! See ya again!


~Live to Dream ♥ Dream to Live~


  1. oh ~ LokLok !!! hungry ! if XL goes loklok wit me, fishball always his favourite too .. XD

    1. Ya lo~ long time never eat hor, that day eat until can't stop~~ hehe~~

  2. Most of the children like fish ball :)
    Heading to Kulai for good hunting on last Sunday..too bad..both of u r not available..luckily chariot babe is ard.. hoho

    1. yea~ she called me but i was in Singapore~~ hehe.. sry ya~! hope you enjoyed Happyland's ice kacang! the best in Kulai town! ^o^


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