M Suit Hotel Maio Restaurant Johor Bahru

This is my second time visiting Maio Restaurant. Its about work again.

This time is a farewell dinner reception for my Consul-General. I can't mention much about it due to my work nature, so I am just gonna share some photos with you. Hope you enjoy~

Flowers arrangement of the night.

Red and White Wine for the night.

Aroma lamp.

Random shot of the wall lamp.

Open air area.

Chef in action in the kitchen.

The Mafia "dai ko" hahaha~ my colleague Din.

My LOTD. I don't fancy heavy makeup, really like clean and light makeup. That is the reason why you never see me having eye shadows~ lol. OOTD: Black lace peplum dress and earrings from Foruchizu.

Shades from my Kareshi. On my way to the restaurant in advance to get everything set up.

Yea.. Yea.. Emcee of the night again!

Sorry, can't help to cam-whore.

The Bar area.

Foodie time!

Paella Rice and Sauteed Market Vegetables di Milanese

Devil Chocolate Cake

Close up.

Fruit Tartlets

Tuna Rolled with Mesclun Vegetables

Spinach Pasta with Cilantro Sauce

Macaroons (taken by me with my iphone 5, and words added by me with a photo app)

Muruku (taken by me with my iphone 5, and words added by me with a photo app)
I showed kareshi the two photos above and he loves it! "Wa, these two photos are really nice! My darling photography skill not bad huh, getting better and better!" said kareshi. (I blushed.. lol)

Enough for food? Some portrait photos then.

Allan, Hossen, Joey and Paul.

With Pak Jur Jur.

With Hossen Leong.

With Allan - boss of Eight Lido and Asia Clinic.

With the awesome Joey!

Another shot with Joey~

We invited several reporters from media that night. Two days later, my colleague send me this.. (I was in Singapore that's why I have no access to local papers). I saw the ugly me in the photo! I think my eyes were closed! @_@ 

Okay! ending the post with a weird photo. That's all the photos that I can share, but in fact not many photos taken also coz I was really damn busy that night as I have to oversee the whole dinner. Almost didn't break my legs running up and down. >_<

Alicia took this weird photo of me. I was semi squatting to get the right angle to take photo. haha~

Hope you enjoy the photos!

If you would like to know more...
Maio Restaurant: http://www.m-suites.com/maio
Check their website, call to make reservation!

~Live to Dream ♥ Dream to Live~

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