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Its Tuesday (13.08.13). My babes decided to give me a birthday treat. We went to Kimchi & BBQ korean restaurant located at Taman Pelangi. I had my Public bank farewell with my babes here too. Hehe.

So its me with the menu.

Me, Lil baby (Andruey) and Jim (my ex boss) arrived early (Busy baby aka Chariot, Cute baby aka Kit, Sexy mummy aka Caren, Pretty lady aka Wee came later). and we were starving. so.. we asked the waiter to serve us "small dish" or "appetizer" first to stop the war happening deep down inside. 

I only likes a few from the 9 served. Like the ikan bilis, the sausage, and the bean sprout.

But then, those weren't enough to cease the war. It demands more. so we had to proceed to order more. Kimchi pan cake, korean rice cake, and then order main dishes also.. lol. We ordered a kimchi hot pot, and a meat set for 3. Although there will be 7 person in total, but mostly females so 3 person's share will be enough plus the side dishes it will be just nice.

Kimchi pan cake

Korean rice cake

Mackerel fish (if not mistaken)

KimChi hot pot

Ginseng chicken that comes with the meat set

Stem egg specially ordered for Lil baby

The main lead! pork! haha

But actually.. this is the one I'm waiting for.. the dessert.. 糯 (mochi) aka Glutinous rice cake with red bean! I simply love love this!!!

There were no group photo that night because everyone was too busy eating and chatting. Plus, korean restaurant is always smokey (because of BBQ), everyone looks oilier den normal. Not good for photos~ haha

Well, busy baby surprised me with a lil gift! I love it! Arigatou (Thank you)!

I would like to take the chance to say...
Thank you to all that was there that night. Thank you for making your time to celebrate with me. Maybe its the becoming old thing.. Now, I find these simple meal, simple gathering with awesome people like you girls (and Jim) makes me simply happy! Truly happy. let us all stay happy and healthy and of course pretty always! 
Love you 

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