The Root of Wisdom

I've been thinking to get rid if my wisdom tooth for years especially since last year. It started to grow when I was 18. But then, it grows in an extremely slow pace. I am 28 this year! It took 10 years but still hidden under my gum. >_< I sorta ignore it in the past but Its has becoming more and more irritating as it will cause infection from time to time, so I made it a "to-do" for this year, and I finally did it.

I was actually forced to get it done because I had an infection again. The most serious one I ever had. See for yourself but Warning! Disgusting photo ahead. lol

The white hidden thing is my wisdom teeth. The bloated meatball is actually my gum but swelling caused of the infection. And the ulcer cut is due to I accidentally moved a lil when the dentist is treating me. Pain max.

Two days later. Ulcer cut recovered. But the meatball turns red, like a blood bag. I think it may be me accidentally touch it while brushing teeth. Scares me max.

The blood bag subsided few days later. After I went back for a review, dentist said its better to take the wisdom teeth out because there's no space for it to grow, that's why it's slanted. and it is the reason for me having infection from time to time. Well, it is a pain because every night I will try to clean it as much as I can and there are times where I will hurt my gum. So I though, yea lets get it done since I've been thinking to do it but kept dragging because of money is one, second is I'm really scare of going to dentist. But it has to be done, so do it! That's what kareshi always tell me.

I had it scheduled on 30 July, the week after I'm back from Ho Chi Minh. I was scared honestly, and really nervous.
I reached the clinic earlier, struggling whether to open the car door and get out. When the time ticked, my heart literally jumped. Really, I can hear my own heartbeat. I am really terrified to see dentist. Never like it. For a few second I even thought running home.

But in the end, I went in. Shivering. Trembling. The nurse asked me to lie down and she get me prepared.
Manage to take this before the dentist started to inject the anesthetic jab. Gosh, I really feel like I'm lying on the chopping board! The jab is so pain! So so pain that I tear right away. The next minute I can't feel my left cheek. When My tongue and my lips are half numb, dentist begins his job. Wisdom teeth Operation starts. The whole process I don't dare to open my eyes because I'm too scare to see what's going on. I keep chanting (silently of course) "hush hush, don't scare, don't be afraid, kareshi is here with me, It will be alright. It will be alright."

The surgery took almost an hour. Doctor had a hard time taking the teeth out. Too much wisdom I think. haha! This was taken right after the surgery. My left side was numb so I can't even smile properly. But I though I look good, face seems to be smaller. ahaha

After surgery, I went to KSL shopping mall to get my Iphone 3GS to be repaired (spoiled for quite some time but lazy to sent it for repair) since I have the time to wait (don't feel safe to leave it over night).

While waiting for it to be done, I settle myself at Tea Garden with a book. The lil daisy bookmark is from kareshi. It always cheers me when I see it, and it even encourage me to continue reading even if the book is boring. ^_^

Ordered mushroom soup but I can't even eat properly. Dripped here and there. lol messiest ever until the woman beside keep looking at me. She must be thinking "what's wrong with this woman? so old already still duno how to feed herself ar!"

After almost one and a half hour of waiting, the phone is done. It cost me RM100 for camera and home button replacement, and IOS restore. It wasn't hard to do it myself actually, just that I don't have the tools so no choice have to pay for it. Went home straight after collecting my phone because I'm starving.

Took this photo and sent to my superior to proof that I have MC for 3 days and have to go back for stitch removed next Wed.

Went home and saw this. Okaasan cooked this for me. Mince pork porridge. Arigatou Okaasan! (Thank you mummy)

Late afternoon of the same day when the anesthetic subsided (left), my face started to swell. It gets bigger in the night (right). Its like I'm keeping a quail egg inside my mouth.

The next day morning I woke up in shock! The swell got worse! I quickly get an ice pack to chill it (which is what the dentist told me to do if the swell is serious).

Now I look like I'm keeping a giant fish ball in my mouth. How come I didn't know I have hamster ability to keep food?

Okaasan cooked me a big pot of fish porridge which is enough for my lunch and dinner.

Then, she bought me this organic chilled beancurd as snack because she knows I will get bored over having porridge for so many meals. What a sweet okaasan! Arigatou!!

Second day night, my face still swells. No sign of subsiding. WHy?? I sent this photo to kareshi because he was asking how is my face. He then said, actually my left face looks better (excluding the swell), which I also agree because I like my left face more. But then, I sent him another photo which basically scares him. Hahah!

Me: Tadah! You like my left side right? Left side better right? Nah, I become like that for you okay?
Kareshi: OMG!!! OMG!!! NO WAY!! DON'T AR! CAN NOT AR! DARLING SERIOUSLY CAN NOT AR! This is too much! Over~! CAn not!
Me: I think this should be how I look when I am 80kg or 90kg.
Kareshi: WHat?? CAN NOT! Darling please don't ever let this happen! Don't so greedy. Half enough. 45kg okay? That is too much! OMG, I'm gonna delete that photo, negative things can not look at it too long, will have nightmare.
Muhahahah~ I can't stop laughing over my kareshi's reaction. The photo really scares him out. HAHAH~

These few days idling at home, all I did is blog, read and also I did something very different. First time in my life.
Copy Scriptures. For the sake of my lost aunt. No one (including me) ever imagine I will do this as I have always been more incline towards Christianity (im a free thinker btw). But I think its a good thing.
Third day. Its also my last day MC but my face still so swollen. How to work tomorrow you tell me?? T_T But ugly also must go la, no more MC what to do... >_<

My 3rd day lunch. Sick of eating porridge for so many days. Today decided to have mee soup instead. Taste good! haha. But I really miss having rice, miss sushi especially. LOL

That's all for my three days at home. While I am finishing this post (on my last day mc night) my face is still swelling. Slightly smaller than yesterday night, but still big! Just had my shower, dinner (kuay tiao soup), and medicine. Tonight gonna sleep early because I have to resume work tomorrow. T_T

Oh ya, have you not seen my wisdom tooth?
The dentist asked if I want it, so I thought why not? My first wisdom tooth operation, its something worth to remember. It is a huge thing for me (at least) I think I have grown stronger by overcome this myself. haha~
*If you notice, the teeth was cut off (top part). I think its too big, the dentist has to cut off abit so its easier to be pluck off.

That's all for now. Ciao~

~Live to Dream ♥ Dream to Live~

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