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This Sunday morning We went to Botanical garden with my Mummy, ah Po, my bro and cousin.The reason why they were in Singapore was to visit my relative who came from China for a holiday. Kareshi though it will be nice to bring them to Botanical garden for a walk It was suppose to be a short walk just to see see look look then head off to Kong Meng San as Kareshi has Buddhism class to attend. But kareshi underestimated the size of botanical garden. We only gone through half of it that day, and it's already too late for kareshi to go to class, so he had to skipped. Sorry~ 

It's me! We just arrived at botanical garden. I look so pale without makeup. >_<

When we saw the map, we got shocked. It's huge! This is also kareshi's first time so he didn't knew that its huge.

It's a Sunday so I expected to crowd but lucky us, it doesn't seems very crowded.

Cute birdie showering

At botanical garden, you will see all shorts of flowers and different species of trees~ The air seems fresher too~ lol

Me with bare face but only sun screen.

We saw the sign to feed the fishes with only fish food from the vending machine but couldn't see a sight of the machine. After searching up and down, finally saw one at the corner! This tiny pack of fish food cost $1.

Oh, they are kissing? Nah~ they were fighting for the fish food but of course, tortoise lost. She is just too slow.

There are really tons of fish and tortoise on the swan lake. All fighting for food, so hungry meh?

The swan Lake. Sound so fairytale. I thought it will be very nice and full of swan..

But there's only 3 swans. The name doesn't fit leh. Fish and tortoise lake fits better~ lol

My ah po (maternal Grandmum) talking to the swan. No kidding~ she used to have ducks, goose and chicken in her so called farm (just the piece of land/ garden beside her house). That's why when i was younger, i only eat healthy (no injection) chicken and ducks~ But when she goes older, she stop raising them as she doesn't has that much energy to take care. Kareshi can't stop laughing when he saw my ah po talking to the swan. He said:" darling, your family all can talk to different birds one hor~ your mum talk to bird, ah po talks to swan~" hahahaha~ I can't stop laughing either when kareshi mentioned that because it reminds me of the scene where mummy was a lil drunk and she talks to a bird~ lol!

Water dew random shot.
Random view of the garden

Our foot prints. Gosh, my feet looks so much bigger than kareshi's. Its the shoe okay! not me! Kareshi asked me not to publish this photo because he has a black toe, and its ugly. But never mind la~

I love this photo but geez! Photo bummer at the back~ kinda spoil the photo.

Mummy, Dwayne (my cousin), ah po, me and my first younger bro Adrian. Okay, I admit. I look horrible here. Because I was sweating and I have no makeup on. T_T

More random shots. The orchid in the jar is real. No fake.

To our surprise, when we step into Botanical garden, I thought I had Doraemon's Dokodemo door (anywhere door), because I had just arrived at Philippine. No JOke! Seriously the botanical garden is flooded by Philippines. Everywhere, every corner you see them. Its like their own private garden party. The amount of food its hell not like a picnic! its definitely their private function! Do you see tiny bits here and there? This is really just a tiny tip of an iceberg. Even my Ah Po is asking are we really in Singapore or what. Crazily overwhelmed by what I saw.
Random tree shot but I like it. I like the roots. Hehe 

The fallen flower.

Cactus area. Really all kinds of cactus here. The spiky one looks just like what kareshi has.

Photos taken by kareshi.

The girl on the swing. I bet it looks creepy in the night. (Taken by kareshi)

You know.. My ah po is 89 yrs old now~ and she is still strong and healthy! She can still walk such a long distance with us, go up the slope some more.. Even I feel tired! I'm always very proud when I talk about my ah po. She is the nicest and the steadiest grandma I ever seen. I have never once see her angry, never once I hear her raise her voice. She is always very patience and good temper. She always has the ability to make huge issue small, turn smaller issue to no issue. What a talent! It's not easy to do it man! But she did it, always do~ I'm learning. But still way far away from what she can. ^_^

I personally love this spot, it's my fav spot in botanical garden (as of now because I hvnt finish explore the whole botanical garden). If the plant's root wasn't pink, it won't be as nice as this! It's the pink root tip that change the whole thing! I think my house next time also wanna do like this~ lol!!!

That all for today~ I don't really have lots of photos in details because wasn't expect to be there long enough for a post but in the end we spent almost 2 hours for half of the size. Next half, next time.

By the way, botanical garden's operating hours is 5 am to 12 midnight daily. It is free for admission. But if you want to visit national orchid garden then you have to come at 8.30 am to 7 pm daily (last ticket sale at 6.00pm). Fee is $5.00 for adult and $1.00 for students and senior citizens (60 yrs and above), and it is free for children below 12. 

If you would like to know more..
Visit Singapore Botanical Garden website:

Long weekend starting tomorrow!! WooHooo! I will be heading to Malacca tomorrow with Kareshi. Hope that I will not jam too bad~ Hope you enjoy your long weekend too~ Ciao~!

~Live to Dream ♥ Dream to Live~


  1. I like the 1st photo ~ u look so good even w/o makeup ~ wiuwittt !!

    1. muahaha~~ thank you!! but i think is the camera is good~~ lol


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