Time passes fast, Its already end of September.

I have been working on something recently,
and I am glad that it is completed before October where I get really busy with my work.
Some of you may have already know what's going on.
But for those who has no idea..

Welcome to


A brand new look and new domain for my blog

Well, I hope that you are not confused. Its the same blog as previous but new domain.

And not to forget the new look that I spent whole day to complete to launch together with the new name "awalkwithaud.com"

To Those who has been following, I Thank you.
To Those who are new, I welcome you on board.
While strolling around, Don't forget to check out who's Aud here.
I Hope you enjoy your walk.

A Walk With Aud

is now


p/s: I have to credit my kareshi for all the wonderful ideas and helping out with the logo. It can not be done without you. Thank you!

If you would like to know more...

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