Gunung Pulai

We have been planning to climb the only mount in Kulai- Gunung Pulai for quite some time ago but weather and sorts kinda delayed it.

25.08.13, we finally did it (half way only thought).
(This is not a detailed post about gunung pulai, will blog in detail next time when I climb to the summit.)

Gunung Pulai is a 654 meter high hill near the city of Johor Bahru- Kulai.
I remember climbing this mount when I was young.
That time we were able to play and "swim" at the lower stream of the waterfall.
Wonder if its still accessible now, heard that its threaten by trash or closed.

Welcome to Gunung Pulai.

We reached around 8.00 am. It is already very very crowded. Have to park my car quite far away.
It is a leisure climb as I brought my mum and my dog- Nini along.The purpose is to stretch the muscles and have time with family.

Kareshi and Nini. Initially Nini was kinda reluctant to walk or move, I think she was overwhelmed by the crowd.

But after warming up, she is good to go. Nini was super cute that day.

When she sees mummy, kareshi or me were left behind, she will stop and wait for us to catch up.
She makes sure everyone is within her sight then only she will continue walking. Cute right? so Sweet lo~

My lovely mummy and her sweetest daughter

Mummy trying her very best to climb although her knees were giving ways. I told her to just relax, go slow and steady. Rest whenever she needs. The fun lies within hanging out together not because of reaching the top.

Resting. Don't you ever think that she is small because she is fierce. She is always guarded up whenever she sees other dogs, like wanna pick up a fight.

See, this is her staring at another 2 dogs that are coming close. She even wanna initiate a fight with a husky. =_=''
Nini, you really think you are very huge ar?.

Spotted a huge bee hive on our way up

The whole journey up to the summit is around 5 km.
We stopped half way because Mummy can not take it anymore. Sat down rest for awhile, then go down the hill.

Climbing up is difficult but going down is equally tough.
My knees hurt while going downhill because a lot of stress on it as there are quite a few slopes that are very steep. Next time must bring a climbing stick along. Seriously. No joke.

When we were down the hill, its already 9.30 am. Started to get warm. So if you want to feel the fresh air, you must really come around 6.00 am.
Local old folks comes at 5.00 am- 5.30 am~

Kareshi, me, and mummy. We were waiting for my cousin Dwayne who went all the way up to the top.

Nini was very excited and had lots of fun that day.

Resting while waiting for Dwayne. Look at Nini, she was exhausted. Sit also fall asleep! hahaah!

When I saw this monkey coming close to us, I quickly grab Nini off the ground. I scare that it will attack her because the monkey was really eyeing on her. Lol

We went for a breakfast after Dwayne came back.

D'art Cafe is a new cafe in town. It was said to be The One and Only Cafe with Art and Nature Concept in Malaysia. It is my first time here too.

They serves breakfast, lunch and early dinner as they closed at 7.00 pm.

The design was quite nice.

My raspberry smoothie

All of us had the same mushroom ham spaghetti, can't really remember the name.

After the satisfying breakfast, we went home to shower and rest.

We continued our day with the movie "Elysium" in the afternoon. The movie was not bad.
I like the story line and the moral behind the story.

That's all for one of my lovely Sunday!
Hope to have the chance to finish the mount at the next climb soon.

If you would like to know more...

D'art Cafe
Address: 58-5, Jalan Tropika 15, Taman Tropika, 81000 Kulai
Tel No.: 07-663 2372

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  1. Dogs are allowed on Gunung Pulai?

    1. Yup! Many climbers bring their dogs there! But have to be considerate and watch your dog, clean their poop. hehe

  2. There is a very huge 'no pets' sign at the entrance. I'm not sure if it meant no pets at the village or Gunung Pulai or both. Some people did comment that I shouldn't bring my dog while I was walking up the summit. :(

    1. Really? But from what I see, many climbers brought their pets. but have to be really careful as there are other races there too.

  3. Good for you.
    Need to help all races and religions understand God/Gods put dogs here as our friends :-)


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