Life With No Limits With Nick Vujicic

A month ago before the actual day, Kareshi told me that he wanna bring me to a talk and he bought me this!
A ticket to life with no limits with Nick Vujicic!
I always love Nick, he is a true inspiration. I always cry watching his videos. He is really living a life with no limits!

We rushed like hell that day but in the end found out that we still have half an hour before it starts. So funny lo.. eat also not in peace. Haha.

The theater can hold up to 5000 people! That night, every single seat was taken.

Our seats are on the 9th floor. Center seat. Should have just bought the cheapest ticket as the important thing is to be able to hear, there nothing to watch except Nick. Haha. But I still appreciate a lot that kareshi brought me there. Thank you very much!

The talk lasted for around 2.30 hours.It was a great talk. I almost cried when they were playing a replayed video about Nick's life. Kareshi knew that I will surely tears so he was already ready to pat me. Lol!

Nick shared 8 truth of value with us that night. I can't really remember the exact words he said but below its what I received.

1. Be thankful
    - You are your greatest dis-courager
    - Love is communicated through face to face, time spent together and touch but not money nor material things.

2. You never know what you can achieve until you try.
    - Purpose ignites courage

3. When you fail, try again.
    - World's most wonderful things are not things and it can not be bought which money.
    - Take one day at a time, because tomorrow is not a promise. 

4. Failure = Education
    - You fail, you learn. You think you failed 99 times? In fact you've learnt 99 ways to be wrong.

5. Obstacles = Opportunity
    - Sometimes obstacles may nmot be the bad thing because it is an opportunity.

6. Dream Big
    - Only if you dream, you have the purpose; only if you have a purpose, you have the courage.

7. Never ever give up
    - As discouraging as it seems, never give up. Never give up on hope, never give up on dreams. You try and try and try and it will come to you. Success never belongs to people who gave up but only to people who persist.

Last but not least, 

8. Be Faithful.

That's all I can remember. Ha! It was a great great night! We reached home around 11.00+ pm. Quickly settled everything and it already 12.00 am, it's time to sleep because I have a makeup job in JB at 4.30 am! Which means we have to depart at 3.30 am, and I have to wake up at 2.30 am to get that means.. 2 and a half hour to sleep... OMG!! Its gonna be a tough morning!

It was a rough morning as I only had 2.30 hours of sleep. I have to reach the bride's house at 4.30 am. Kareshi was so nice to offer to send me there and he would wait for me in the car while I'm doing my job. So touched~~

I woke up 2.30 am to get ready
and we departed around 3.40 am, reached bride's house on time.
After my work its done, its already almost 7.00 am. We quickly grab some breakfast at a random shop and head back to Singapore so that we can have some rest.

Our lunch for that day. Both of us woke up during late lunch time and since we are going to Mustapha so kareshi though of having chapati (Indian food).

Kareshi: Wanna have chapati for lunch?
Me: Erm..okay.. got yeast or not? If got I can not eat..
*Kareshi quickly googled
Kareshi: Google says no.
Me: Then Okay.. but nice? I never eat before leh..
Kareshi: Har?? Never try before? How come??
Me: I only eat prata..
Kareshi: Okay, then let's try it today! I bring you to the famous one.

We went to this Azmi Chapati stall near Mustapha. Its really crowded!

So this is how chapati looks like. Something like prata but not exactly. It says to be healthier as its made of whole grain. You can order a dish to go with it, I tried their Special Chicken Curry.

I don't really know how to eat it so I just lay the curry on top of it

and roll it into a wrap. Kareshi said, Wa! you make it like chicken wrap, looks so good! lol
So turns out that chapati its in fact not bad! It has a very very light bitter taste and its very filling. I can finish 2 prata with no problem, but I have problem finishing the second piece of Chapati.

After the super late lunch, we went to mustafa to get our things done then head to City Square Toy R' Us for toy hunt because Children's day is near, kareshi has to search for toys for his swimmers.

But end up me playing with the helmets. Actually is kareshi ask me to put it on one lo~ haha because he is looking for a cycling helmet for me.. ask me to take one of these... Can don't want or not??
People will laugh die me..
So that's my week with Nick and Kareshi. It was tiring but we enjoyed Nick's talk, and had fun together! hope you enjoy your week too!
See ya again soon! Ciao~

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