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It has been almost a year since I started visiting Ido's for clinical skin treatment but all these time, I've never tried their facial. Well, December has been nice, I was invited to try one of their newly launched facial for the holiday seasons...

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Ido's has just launched their new facial treatment- Cherry Blossom series for this wonderful holiday season! Basically, I was totally hooked just by the name itself. Hey, come on, It's SakuraSakura= Japan! Of course I'd get hooked! lol

Cherry Blossom facial treatment was said that with simply one treatment, you will immediately see your face turns "white, enrich, beautiful". This series facial package comes in a box with all the items shown in the photo containing your 6 home products.

Product list:
1. Radiance Exfoliant
2. Massage Cream
3. Multiplex- S
4. Multiplex- W
5. Collagen Mask
6. Scrub Cleanser
7. Sebum Control
8. Soothing Moisrutizer
9. Exfoliating Renewal
10. Brighten Wonder
11. 5th Aqua Senses

Bring-home products:
1. Scrub Cleanser Cleansing Cream 洁面霜
2. 5th Aqua Senses 第五代保湿复活露(樱花特别版)
3. Exfoliating Renewal Scrub 去角质
4. Sebum Control 祛痘精华
5. Soothing Moisturizer Sensitive Moisturizer 抗敏保湿
6. Brighten Wonder whitening cream 

So let's get started shall we?
Me getting ready for Sakura facial treatment. I accidentally had the smooth skin effect activated while taking this photo, so this photo does not reflects my real skin condition. If my skin is as smooth and silky as the photo, I don't have to go for facial anymore. haha. Well, the photos below reflects my actual skin condition. You will see pigmentation, SUPER dark eye circles, wrinkles... Gosh! Just how bad is my skin?!

My beautician, K (I'm gonna call her "K" as she doesn't want her name to be revealed) first remove my makeup and then cleanse my face with no.6 scrub cleanser. Scrub cleanser is formulated for minimising pores with exfoliating micro-beads that sweep away dirt and impurities from skin.

Applied no.7 Sebum Control serum. This serum is infused with multiple oil controlling, pH balancing and anti-irritation extracts that purify your skin and clear blemishes.

After serum, next is no.1 radiance exfoliant. Seriously, even the exfoliating gel smells like Sakura. It removes surface dead skin cells instantly. It is highly effective but yet gently.
It also helps to clear blemishes and allow better absorption of skin care. Do not that it is normal to feel some tingly sensation after applying this exfoliating gel.
It will be left on your face for 5- 10 mins, and wash off.

After that, K applied "softener mask" on me before the "real facial cleansing" starts.

Normally when you go for facial, beauticians will "clean" your pores by "squeezing" all the unwanted stuff that stuffed inside your pore right? I damn hate the nose part because it's really painful and most of the time I can't breathe. I've expected that to come as it's part of facial, but this time K did something which is different from elsewhere.

K uses this machine called apx-b to clean my blackheads and unwanted dirt. It feels like something is sucking your skin, just like vacuum cleaner sucking in all the dirt. lol and most importantly, it's not painful at all! Zero pain! Awesome!!

Now with a truly cleansed face, K massaged my face with no.2 massage cream which is uniquely formulated to nourish the skin with natural mineral oils without leaving greasy feeling after the treatment.

I felt so comfortable and relaxed that I fall asleep (hope I didn't snore! =_=''). Woke up when K was applying a mixture of no.3 multiplex-S and no.4 multiplex-W.

Multiplex-S contains barrier-repair ingredient that strengthen sensitive skin and maintains a balance skin pH whereas, multiplex-W contains active brightening complexes that evens complexion; lighten dark spots and even firm and smooth your skin!

Both Multiplexes were applied using this apx machine that acts like a ultrasonic vibrator that helps your skin to fully absorb to goodness of these serums.

Enjoying the sense of Sakura. I really love the smell of all the products. It's light but yet strong enough to be relaxed with its wonderful smell.

Last but not least, a soothing mask sheet to wrap up all the goodness that had applied to my skin.

Tadah! My face right after Cherry Blossom Facial treatment. It feels firmer, and I think it really does looks brighter! My pigmented scar turns a shade lighter too! Amazing!

Well, it's holiday giving season! so Ido's is now having promotion for Cherry Blossom Essence Series with only RM 268 per box (Original price RM 680)!

They also have bundle promotion packages for those whom would love to buy more.

RM 660 for 2 boxes + eye treatment + RM100 product voucher; or
RM 980 for 3 boxes Cherry Blossom + 3 times eye treatment + 3 RM 100 product voucher.

Call them now to find out more! Wondering which branch is near to you? Click >>Here<<!

This is the number for the branch that I went.
Kulaijaya Indahpura - 012-784 5992

Lastly, a pictorial for the home products.

Cleanse your face- Exfoliate with scrub cleanser- rinse with luke water- apply toner- sebum control- soothing moisturizer- exfoliating renewal- brighten wonder- lastly 5th Aqua senses.

If you would like to know more...
Ido's Facebook: Cherry Blossom Promotion

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