Mummy's Birthday 2013

Wow! December has been really busy! I don't really have much time to draft and schedule all my blog post but only managed to send those important ones (those with due dates) live.

By the time this post goes live, I believe it would be around a month later after the actual day of the event.
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Mummy's birthday is actually on the 29 Nov, but I won't be around that time, so we celebrated her birthday a weekend earlier.
Image credit from G&D website
Initially, wanted to bring her to Grill Bar but she doesn't want to reach home late so at the end we went to George and Dragon JPO branch (which is also a great idea as Ashley can join us for dinner as he is currently working there).

Image credit from G&D website
Image credit from G&D website
Image credit from G&D website

Mummy waiting for her food. Can tell that she is happy just having a simple dinner together with all her kids.

Chamomile tea

Wild Mushroom soup. Not as nice as what I expected.

Thin crust pizza. Kareshi said it't not bad.

My Salmon. The best dish for the night.

Mummy's beef. Not so nice she said. Kinda over cooked.

Kareshi's spicy seafood pasta, not bad either.

My bro's Balck pepper chicken chop.

Mummy's birthday cake- Royale Chocolate from Verbena. Really the best bakery in whole Johor!

A family photo! I really love this photo, although I don't look really nice but it's okay because most importantly, this is our FIRST FAMILY photo together. Yes, My family. My Kareshi. My sweetest Love.

Selfie with mummy.

Adrian and mummy.

Aaron and mummy.

Me and Kareshi's shoulder. Kareshi always feels puzzled why I love taking photos with his shoulder. Lol.

Kareshi and mummy. I simple LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo! To me, it is more than just a mere photo. Thousand of words lies beneath the photo.

We left out Ashley's individual photo with mummy because he rushed back to work. Sorry bro.

Happy birthday Mummy. Hope you enjoy the dinner. Mummy, although we don't really give you expensive luxuries, but we will always give you our time, a part of our life just like the way you gave us yours. May it be a simple dinner, a simple outing or even a simple heart-to-heart talk, you will always have our time for you. That's a lifetime promise.

Many times,
The simplest thing in the world is also the hardest.
Be grateful, Cherish and
Love Life. 

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