Christmas Wish Granted

It's 2014, how was it so far? Hope it's starting good.
Although this is sorta back dated but it's always better late then nothing right?

Earlier on, I made a wish. A wish to Santa Hermo.
Holding on to tiny little hope that my wish will be granted, but Christmas went by and no miracle happened.
So I thought, never mind, it's ok. Someone else deserve better I guess.

On the 30th December, I went to a soap gallery for a review (will post it up after min 2 weeks of product test, so stay tune). It ended late, so I went home with a very exhausted body and mind.

You know, like open the door with the body leaning against the wall, stepped inside the house and just tossed the key, dragged my dying body to my bedroom upstairs, tossed myself on to my bed and "pong"! It wasn't my soft and lovely bed that I landed but something hard enough to make me pain.
I seriously almost wanted to swear but when I set my eyes on the item that hit me, I was fully awake.

I rubbed my eyes for don't know how many times because I simply just can't believe what I was seeing!
But, it was what I saw. It's real!

Tadah!! It's from Santa Hermo!

I wrote about my Christmas wishlist >>here<<, and now it is in front of me. WOOHOOOO!!!

I wished for a sleeping mask and a Hada Labo cleanser.

Wanted to get a makeup remover but duno why in the end wished for a cleanser, lol but anyway, I love both of the items I've got!

Once again, I wanna say thank you Santa Hermo and Butterflyprojectmsia for making my Christmas wishlist comes true!

If you would like to know more...

I need your Love~♥

♥~Live to Dream′Dream to Live~♥

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