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Oh well, today is the last day of 2013. How have your 2013 been? Good, not so good? Bad?

Hmm.. Mine was pretty much to the good side. I wrote a post about my resolution for 2013, read it >>here<<. It was quite a list. Wonder how many I have achieved and how many stays put in the list.. hmm.. Let's take a look! (it's a long post.. don't say I didn't warn you).

Things I wanted to learn in 2013
1. Swimming
2. Diving
3. Continue Japanese language class
4. Rock climbing
5. Stay positive
6. Better EQ control
7. Drive safely & be more considerate to other road users

Oh man.. I only did 3 out of 7! Not a goof sign man.

I am much more positive now compare to the previous years. Temper is improving but still tons of improvement need to be done. Ha, I'm no longer driving to work now so I guess no.7 is considered checked? lol!

Seriously, I need to start my swimming class, kareshi.. you hear me?? faster arrange leh~~ after learning swimming then only I can take up diving course ma.. >_<

Things I wanted to do in 2013
1. Get rid of my wisdom teeth
2. Fruits everyday
3. 3 litres of water per day
4. Eliminate fast food AMAIC (as much as I can)
5. Less meat, more veggie
6. Quit SUPPER
7. Perfect 44
8. Make mummy smile/ laugh at least once a day
9. Gym at least 3 times a week
10. Involve in more charity work

Ok, I scored more in "things I wanna do", 6.5 out of 10. What's with the 0.5? I will explain it.

I finally got rid of my wisdom tooth! (Read >>here<<) No more swollen gum! I do drink 3 litres of water per day and reduce the amount of fast food quite significantly but can't really maintain to take in fruits everyday. So that makes the no.2 half checked.

I 'm glad that I am now eating healthier. I eat more veggie nowadays, even veggies that I never eat such as kang kong. I practice vegetarian diet twice a month now and no more supper! Hurray! Ah, but I only let loose once in a blue moon when I'm with Kareshi.

Despite healthier diet, I still did not achieve my ideal weight of 44. I now maintain at 50kg because I get lazy when it comes to exercise. Uhh... no longer go to gym after my membership expired. >_<

Wanted to do more charity work (not in money terms) as in more volunteer work but it didn't work out as I planned, will continue to work harder in the coming year.

Last but not least, I talked to Mummy almost everyday about everything I came across, may it be work, friends, or kareshi. Tried my best to keep her in the loop of my life and make her smile more. But I have to admit, my attitude wasn't that good at times. I really have to change this stupid attitude of mine, I hate it!

Other than completing what's in my resolution list, many good things happened in 2013. I can' really list all of them but I will just mentioned something that's blog related okay?

It is almost 2 years now after I started to be active in blogging again. Never did I expect my blogging journey will have such changes.

First milestone will be the launch of With the helped of kareshi, I gave my blog a face lift, a makeover (read >>here<<).

Next will be reviews/ sponsors. I did a couple of reviews for different brands and company but the most significant ones will be those that happened in the past 2 months. First of all, I was selected by Hishop to review one of their product, read it >>Here<<. Then something awesome happened later on.

I was invited by Nuffnang to attend my first-ever official event as a blogger on the 4th December, find it >>Here<<. It maybe nothing to many of you, but it's a small step/ achievement I see in myself. A milestone I've achieved.

Good things come in a pair they said, I now believe it. Later on, I was invited by butterfly project Malaysia to attend IMAX official premium launch as a blogger on the 11 December! IMAX is really awesome! You can read it >>Here<<.

Well, after the rebirth of my blog, things get better in the blogging world. More readers, more engagement and more sponsors. But, don't be confused. I do not blog for the sake of sponsors or reviews. Those are plus points in my blogging world, it is good to have but I keep my main objective clear. I blog because I enjoy writing and sharing. It is something I love, and it shall never change.

Last but not least, Happy New Year Peeps!! 

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♥~Live to Dream′Dream to Live~♥

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