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I believe most of us have our own skincare routine/ regime, but sometimes we tend to forget the tiny part on our face. Yes, today it's about eyelash. Do you have a proper care for your eyelash or are you guilty for not caring enough for it?

Proper Eyelash care gives your healthier and longer lashes and it is not difficult nor troublesome. In fact, I find it so much easier than taking care of my face/ skin.

Here are some simple tips that I practice...

1. Make sure you remove all eye makeup at night. Mascara weighs down your natural lashes & increase the risk of lash breakage.

2. Avoid pinching the skin on your lids or pulling on your lashes when using eyelash curler. Use a quality, spring-loaded eyelash curler, like the Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler.

3. Don't rub your eyes! Rubbing can pull and twist your lashes, which leads breakage at the roots and premature fallout. If your eyes become itchy, soothe it by gently patting your lid with a clean finger.

4. It needs to be pampered too! Soak a used tea bag in water for few hours. Wet cotton with tea bag water and apply to you eyelid like how you apply a mask. Leave it for 10-15mins.

5. Do you know that Vaseline has multiple way of usage?

Apply a layer of Vaseline at the roots of your lashes with a Q-Tip. It protects and moisturizes your lash.

6. Lastly, you may conceal it by applying warm cotton/ towel (wet it with warm water & squeezed dry) on your lids for 5 mins.

Hope you enjoy these simple lash care! Do you have your own secret eyelash care? Tell me in the comment below, sharing is caring, let's make the world beautiful!


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