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Kareshi has been a commercial realtor for quite some time now. Due to the nature of his job, he has been exploring Singapore in and out. From time to time, he will discover some interesting place and has been telling me that he wants to bring me to visit these places.

Due to some reason, I have not been in Singapore for almost 4 weeks. Last week, we finally had the chance to start exploring these interesting place. The first stop- The Grand Stand mall.

The grand stand mall used to be the grand stand, it was then converted to a mall. Personally, I find the mall is too warm. I sweat inside a mall, can you imagine? Second, I think the mall has really bad navigation. Floors to floors are not linked, it would be like a mini maze inside.

But, there's one special corner in it- the PasarBella. Sounds very atas hor? Wonder what it is? Well, think it as atas pasar/ market. Not like hypermarket that kind, this is even more atas. 

It is so interesting that I forgot to take all those nice photos (only limited photos taken)! Kareshi, let's go again for photos maybe? I have to snap this photo. Look at the giant pan! They are really cooking for such big serving!

When I continue walking, I was attracted by a neon yellow signboard and I ended here. Cheese Ark is a small narrow lane with some tables and chairs lining along the walkway, at the end of it is a cheese store that carries almost every type of cheese.

How can a fruit stall be so nice right? Singapore got this kind of place meh? I know right! That's the first thought that came into my mind too! I though I was at some western/ European country!

Look at those nicely arranged fruits, don't you feel like bringing them home?

I don't really like carrot, but if its these tiny carrots I think I don't mind eating them. lol

Oh, you must also check out their restroom too! It's really interesting!
Sadly this is my last photo taken in PasarBella. I really hope I took more, but I was too amazed by the stores and concept and all those tiny interesting details. Let's just hope I will visit there again soon, but just in case I did not, I found a detail post on PasarBella written by A Singapore blogger Evonnz. Hope her post will fix your curiosity.

After PasarBella, our next stop is the highly raved Wheeler's Yard.

Wheeler's Yard is an industrial building selling bike stuff. But they are not only selling that.

It turns out to be a cafe too! A bike theme cafe/ chill out place?

Their tables are mostly big tables, you know like those big tables you find in library?

At Wheeler's Yard, you got to self service. Place your order at the counter, you will be handed a device like this, go back to your seat and wait. The device will beep when your order is ready, head to the counter to collect your food and enjoy.

My fruit punch

Kareshi's healthy sparking drink

Cheesy fries!

Lip of the day. I used #3CE Jumbo Lip Crayon #Gimme More. Applied a thin layer at the inner corner of my lips, blend it outwards to the whole lips, then apply another layer in the inner lips to create a slight ombre lip. Finish it off with #3CE Glass Gloss.
Not because I'm selling it that's why I say it's nice but after trying a few products, I would say I certainly love some of them and not so fond over some. Jumbo Lip crayon is one of my "likes". I have 2 shades now, neon pink and gimme more. Next I would love to get an orangie color! It is easy to apply and despite it's name, it is actually quite moisturizing! It doesn't dry up my lips (my lips tends to dry up easily), plus it is very pigmented hence the color stays long and lasting!

Testing on kareshi's cheek. He doesn't believe that it stained his cheek until I show him this photo. Lol.

After leaving a mark on kareshi's cheek, the color on my lips is still vivid.

After all the eating and drinking, the color faded a little and turns pinkish! Okay, enough for the hard selling, lol. Although it seems like a normal day, but I really appreciate that Kareshi actually plan where to bring me for a walk. Even it's just a walk, no shopping, no big feast but that's all I needed. His effort.

I love you darling. Even though sometimes I tend to make you mad (just being naughty) but I love you very much, and I know you know that well.

Thanks for reading. Until next time,

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  1. Pasar Bella is really cool! Though you only have few pictures, I still can say it's a good place with fantastic designs :D Singapore is quite a clean place, ehh.. Awesome. And here in Kuching we have a cafe like Wheeler's Yard. Specially for cyclers kind of thing; they have lots of bicycles hanging, etc. It's called Simplified Cafe. Tehee. Anyway, nice to meet you! Finally I found an English blog written by Malaysian. Hahaha.. Susah mau cari oo :P


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