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When I say another, it don't really mean another because the last time I purchase from taobao was like 1-2 years ago. Ha!

After so long, I decided to taobao again because I was tempted by its sea website launched, which means we can pay direct from our local bank and they will ship direct to us!

After much research, I found that doesn't works like what they claims to be (you know, China stuff..) but still we buy from taobao. Why? Because it's dirt cheap if you know what and how to dig. I decided to get my friend who is an agent to do the payment and forwarding for me.

I want to get Nini a bed for quite some time. I did quite some studies because buying stuff from taobao is a gamble. You will never know how and what you will get until you receive it. Lol

Within 2 weeks, my parcel is here!!

Here's what I gotten.
No la, most of them are not mine. They belong to my fellow Ma Cherie Johor bloggers friends. Only a pet bed and the pink love camera bag is mine. We bought together to share the shipping.

These are mine. The quality not bad, but it's still kinda pricey for it I feel. Although kareshi is the one paying but I still feel not worth the price.

Bought a camera cover, a strap, lens cap strap and a lens Cover.

It fits nicely! My camera has new clothes! But honestly, after wearing clothes, she looks very fat. lol

Here's Nini's bed. Initially she don't dare to go near the bed but after I tried persuading her, she finally went in. the cushion is silver-ish, so its not dirty ya.

And never want to come out. Lol. I have to say I'm sorta disappointed with the bed. It's not as good as it looks and the sides (frame) are not as firm/ hard as it seems to be. Iit is so soft that when Nini sleeps inside, the bed frame will become bigger. Unless Nini stays put right in the middle.

Overall, the haul this time didn't really meet my expectation, but then again it's China stuff so what more to expect. It's good that I actually receive my stuff and in a not too bad condition. Be grateful. Lol

Thanks for reading. Until next time,

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