Aud- Eats | Moonlight Cake House Taman Sutera {Part 2}

Aloha! Welcome back to the food paradise! Have you read my first part of the review? If you have not, kindly head over to read it >>here<<. Now the second part is not a review. You will know why later on.

Before I bring out the cakes, I must introduce you the master behind the beautiful cakes right? I hereby present you the pastry chef- Chef Edward! He is very young right? I thought the chef has to some middle age man, lol!

The cakes are pretty but non of them are mine to touch. Yes, I am writing something I have not tried (I can't! Allergy to egg and yeast la!), hence this is really not a review but a sharing post to share you the beautiful ones I've met.

Rainbow Cheese Cake RM 12.90
I know many of you have seen and tried this rainbow cheese cake countless times, I've seen many too! But this is one that is pastel in color which means less coloring, which equals to healthier choice! Just looking at it makes my day! (Didn't manage to taste the cake, but the strawberry is mine!)

Red Velvet Cake RM 12.90
We were told that this cake is one of Moonlight's signature cake, The texture looks rough, I guess that's why the name velvet? Because of the texture? Hmm.. well, any way this cake does not use artificial coloring but color extract from beetroot hence it is safe to consume ya!

Brownie Cheese RM 9.90
This really almost got me broken. I almost nearly wanted to ignore and forget about what so ever allergies I have and just tuck this inside my mouth. Yes, I have super low immunity towards chocolate! Plus its chocolate and cheese! It's the top 2 favourite of mine man! I really nearly broke down.

Hello! Check out the flower! It's nicely done! I want my allergies to be cure ASAP so I can eat all these favourites again!!

Assorted Fruit Tarts
Here is the funny part. Boon Lin has this kept in the fridge so that it stays cold when we gonna taste it after the main dish but who knows at the end of the day, everyone forgot about it and left it froze inside the fridge. Sorry tarts, didnt't get to taste you. (I can't taste them any way, what am I talking.. lol)

So here come's to the end of my sharing today. As I said earlier and I shall say it again, this is not a review post. It is a sharing post of all the beautiful cakes that my fellow Ma Cherie blogger friends got to try that day. If you feel like trying, do check out Moonlight cafe.

Ending this post with a group photo of the Ma Cherie Bloggers and Tony Johor Kaki with Boon Lin.

Here's the deets for Moonlight Cake House:
Moonlight Cake House HQ
77B, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/3,
Taman Sutera Utama,
Skudai, Johor Bahru.
Tel : 07-5583322
Operating Hours: 9.00 am to 2.00 am

Click on to their web for other branches:
*by the way, Moonlight Cake House has No pork, no lard and they are in the process of Halal cert application.

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  1. Ding Ding Ding27 June, 2014 21:12

    Audrey, brownie cheese looks so yummy! I love cheese! Nice photos btw! :D

  2. Ya lo~ watch them eat... >_<

  3. The girls said it is nice!!! but can't eat too much~ if not will feel jelat~

  4. Eunice says it is very good! Too bad I can't try!


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