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Hi guys, if you have not read my meet up with the Tokyo Luxey community, head over >>here<< to have a brief on what is Tokyo Luxey is all about.

Today it's all about beauty sharing. I'm gonna use the products I received from the last Tokyo Luxey meet up to create a simple makeup look.

Albion Eclafutur, 40ml (SGD $167)
This serum is newly launched in July. It delivers a superb smoothness in an instant, promoting a refined texture and firmness that impart brightness to the whole face. Perfected at last, like it's name "Eclafutur" will have a bright future.

Albion applied "Nanocesta BL" a cutting-edge delivery system to more effectively deliver active agents extracted from selected plants ingredients such as Ryuku Ganebu (a miracle grape) and Cupuacu butter (a fruit related to cacao).

Use it after cleansing. Take a few drops/ pumps on the palm and spread over the whole face.

Albion Skin Conditioner, 165ml (SGD $82) and 330ml (SGD $140
Skin Conditioner known as “Skicon” skincare series is Albion’s no. 1 bestseller in Japan since 1974, It restores skin normal cycle to corneous cells' metabolic rhythm and leaves skin in smooth, healthy condition. It also penetrates the skin well, supplying moisture to inside of the skin, restoring lustrous and supple condition.

As part of your morning and evening regimen, apply it after washing face and applying milk lotion. Take a generous amount onto a cotton pad and blend it over the entire face in a light patting motion.

24h Cosme Powder Foundation
24H Cosme Powder Foundation SPF15 PA++ is a “stress- free” natural foundation, which can use for 24 Hours! With no chemical element, the Foundation can be removed easily, simply by cleanser or water, saving all the effort of using makeup remover. It also moisturize the skin as it contains natural ingredients like mineral, jojoba oil, coral, Vitamin E and aloe vera extract.

Use after applying moisturizer. Press the powder on the face evenly.

To celebrate the joy of being a luxey, I walked out my comfort zone and did a video for this post. Although I consider myself quite good in selfies but in fact I'm always awkward in front of camera. This is my first time trying to make a "decent" video, so please don't be too harsh on me and I welcome feedbacks (no harsh criticism please, keep this space friendly). Hope you will enjoyed the video as much as I enjoyed making it. Leave me a comment below on how you think about my first video.

Once again, Thank you Tokyo Luxey for the awesome products.

To sign up as luxey, click >>here<<. Remember to put my name "Audrey" and my email as referral.

Tokyo Luxey:

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