Aud- Wedding | Ring Hunt Day

Its been one and a half month since I was proposed. Ever since that day, we have not stopped researching and preparing for our big day.

Initially, we planned to have our ROM and Chinese Customary on the same day, but due to some realistic and practicality issue, we had no choice but to separate them. But I always believe things happen for a reason, so just follow the flow.

First thing off that we need to settle is to fix our ROM date. After much discussion, the date was finally fixed (and I've been secretly hoping for that day to come faster! XD)!

Second thing we need to get off the book is the sacred Wedding Bands. We actually went for the first hunt a week before the second attempt, we went to all the big designer brands, and we were pretty much set with a specific design (found on the internet after being inspired by one of the designer brand) that we really like.

So the second hunt will be hunting for the design that was inspired.
Before the hunt starts, let's get our stomach treated with our all time favourite Ichiban Sushi!

Two of us had 11 plates of sushi! Oh my..

Since we are already at Plaza Singapore, we head straight to Gold Hearts and Lee Hwa.

The only piece that we find it "okay", but still don't really like it.

We hunt up and down, in and out. We left out no shops, we spare no one! When I say we left no shops out, I truly mean it. Yes, we even went to Indian Jewellers!!

And we even went to Mustafa. Yes, Mustafa! Tell me which couple will do that, really. Only us I guess.

Surprisingly, we saw some really interesting designs there, but not for wedding bands. Not for ours at least.

After hunting the whole day, combed all the jewellery shops including the designers (Bvlgary, Mont Blanc, Cartier, Tiffany & Co), the locals (Poh Heng, Lee Hwa, Gold Heart...), the Indian Jeweller (Joyalukkus, Malabar, even Mustafa!), we still couldn't find a pair that we like! How can that be!!!

We didn't gave up (although I was really tired). We decided to still go through all the smaller Indian jewellers along the street. Just when we thought hope dies as we were finishing all the shops again, hope shines. At the last 2 shops left, we finally saw something that we both quite like it.
Although the milgrain one is still the top in our list, but we know this will be our alternative if we can't get that. We like the side details, simple yet very antique/ Victorian. 

Many of my friends asked why am I putting in so much effort for wedding band? How can we not fancy even one among so many jewellers? Aren't we too fussy over a wedding band? Well, yes. I would admit that we are fussy.

Indeed, wedding band is just a thing, but it is a thing that we both gonna wear for the rest of our life hence I hope, we hope to get something that we both really likes. That's how much we care for each other. We want both to be happy with it.

It was tiring but it was a happy one and it is worth doing so because we care. Will this be my wedding band? Curious? Well, stay tune for the rest of Aud's Wedding Story coming up in the near future. Meanwhile, you can catch up with the previous episode listed below.

Thanks for walking by. Until next time,

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  1. I love this new tag! Aud- Wedding XD

  2. Hope you find your perfect wedding band soon :D

    xx Mandy

  3. Thanks Mandy! Actually we just found it! will blog about it soon~ ^_^


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