La Vie En Rose: The Heist | Agent Victoria

Last night, while Eriko leaves her mansion urgently, meanwhile...

At her favourite mirror, Agent Victoria puts on makeup for the ball tonight.

She draws her eyeliner thick and long, and paints on a charming lip color to complete the look. "I have to be at my best tonight", she says. It is her way of showing anticipation towards the mission.

Yes, a mission. Agent Victoria was told that the client will deliver the rest of the money to her at the ball in exchange for the top secret weapon.

She slips on the elegant gown and sprays on her favourite perfume.

There, she is ready.

Tonight she will receive the money from the client while handing him the key and code to the location of package.

She smiles slyly…

Will she complete her mission successfully?
What happens next?

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Special Thanks to:
Red Dress: Millionmars
Venue: Pariss Hotel
Cosmetics: SkinCandy.Co
Photos by Kelvin Ong
Makeup by A Walk With Aud
Hair by Jennifer

This post is part of the first fashion editorial project of Ma Chérie Johor Bloggers group. Special thanks to our sponsor Happy2u who believes that Fashion Does Not Need To Be Expensive. Now every girl can be fashionista by keeping up to date with their trendy yet affordable and quality products.

Also, thanks to LoveBagLoveBag for the lovely clutch (which it's also called the Audrey clutch, how can I not love it?) and not forgetting Alvin who sponsored us the venue- Love suite, Pariss Hotel. I truly appreciate all the sponsors and all the help I've received.

Nothing comes by easily, we've gone through tons of trial and errors but these mistakes made us grow. We may have arguments and tears along the way but we have lots of fun and laughter too.

I wanna say:
Thank you all for making this a success!

We hope you enjoyed the story as much as we enjoyed making it!

Thanks for walking by. Until next time,

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  1. Thank you babe! I hardly dress up in such elegant way~ hehe

  2. So gorgeous, as always! Proud of you dear! Thank you for making it a success too :)

  3. Thank you for all the help dear~ love you! ^_^

  4. i could be your James Bond, miss Victoria xD


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