Aud-MTN | Midori Traveler's Notebook [Unboxing]

Ever since I was a kid, I always have a thing for stationeries. I could spend a whole afternoon in a book/ stationery store without getting bored.

Years ago, I came across moleskin, I was fascinated but it doesn't gives me the urge to get it. Maybe it wasn't meant for me. Until 2 months ago, I found Midori Traveler's Notebook.
It was love at first sight. There, our love story begins..

After much research, I decided to get one as my birthday present. I dropped my cousin- Geng a message to get it for me from Japan as it is cheaper there, but my very nice cousin said:
"I buy for you lah, as your birthday present."
[Oh my god, REALLY?? Thank you so much!!]

A week later, postman was standing at my door, delivering my love to me.

When I opened it, my heart melted. It was nicely wrapped and the packaging was so clean and neat. Totally my cup of tea.

My TN inside the linen pocket.

I got myself a Midori TN starter kit which comes with a leather cover, a blank refill, a linen pocket bag, and an extra rubber band (orange rubber band for brown TN, red rubber band for black TN). 
You don't see the orange extra band because they left out the band, my cousin wrote to them and they had sent it to my cousin with extra gift! Talk about Japanese service, no one can beat them!

Midori TN is clean, simple but yet elegant. I chose the brown cover as I love the vintage feel of it.

The leather cover gives the whole TN an indescribable temperament.

This kit comes with a blank refill. The quality of the paper feels so good on hand. It feels so smooth to write on and the ink doesn't really inked the back on the paper.

It has a bookmark string attached to the leather cover. Easy for you to keep track.

You know, you will never be disappointed with Japanese products. They always take good care of the details. At the bottom of the leather cover, there's a small slit that you can keep hold of your bookmark string so that it stays where it is.

Every Midori TN comes with a round bronze rustic charm. I love how it adds a vintage touch and rustic feels to the TN.

Apart from the starer kit, I got myself some other accessories too.

A travel theme sticker, a checkers refill (002), a zip pocket (008), and a "stick on" side slip pocket (006).

The best thing of Midori TN is, it can accommodate quite a numbers of refills. From what I know, the extreme will be up to 6 refills.
To add refills, I flipped to the center of my blank refill, slot it under and to the left of the string that I am holding (string A, the one under it is string B)

To insert the second refill, opened up to the center page, slot in under and to the right of string B. 

There you have 2 refills for your TN.

I bought this zipper pocket because I feel it would be handy to keep all the tickets and receipts. No more losing tickets!

A "stick on" slip pocket will be useful to keep maps and maybe stickers collections.

After assembling everything, this is how my TN looks like. I have recorded a page or two with some random stuff on my TN but because it is mainly for my Taiwan trip so I've been holding myself to not doodle too much on it unless I get another refill. maybe I should just get it.

If you do follow my insta >>here<<, you should have seen some updates of my TN. I will make that in another post, so stay tune! 

My verdict? I'm freaking Loving it. It is expensive but I would say, it's worth the dollar spent. For me, at least.

If you would like to purchase it, drop me a comment below. If there's enough interested TN lover, I could do a pre-order from Japan.

Last but not least, Thank you Geng for the awesome birthday present! I really love it so so much! Thank you!

Walking on with love,

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  2. Hehe, you can get a cheaper alternative from taobao or happiescrappie ya~~

  3. Love this post! And these are the best birthday pressie ever! <3


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