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Do you know that eyebrows define a person's look? Different brows decide whether the person looks fierce, sweet and gentle or even young and innocent.

Thanks to my mum and dad, my eyebrows are nicely shaped. Coupled with my professional makeup skills, it is not that difficult to draw but still it takes up to 5 to 10 minutes to get it done. A normal minimal daily makeup (foundation, eyebrows, eyeliner, mascara, blusher, nose contour and highlights, and lip color) takes me 30 to 45 minutes, which means I always have to prepare myself 2 hours before the date.

To save myself from all the trouble, I decided to go for eyebrow embroidery. This is how my eyebrows look like before the treatment. I would say its nicely groomed, not too bad eh?

A close up on each eyebrows before treatment. *ignore all the breakouts, I'm having a rough time

I never like thin, high arched eyebrows because it looks fierce and old, I prefer it to be thick. After communicating with the shifu (a male) on what brows I want, he started to draw my eyebrows.

You can actually have a feel of how your brows will look like after the treatment. Mine will sorta look like this but not as thick. Well, he is really quite good at what he is doing, I love the sketch of the eyebrows. You can always let him knows your opinion, he will provide you professional advise.

After agreeing to the shape of the brows, he will then apply numbing cream on your brows. It will take at least 30 minutes for the cream's effect to kick in. After that, he will start the embroidery treatment.

To my surprised, it's done within 30 minutes! So fast and painless! This is how I look after treatment. The treatment will last for 2 years, which means I don't have to spend time drawing my eyebrows for next 24 months! WooHoo!!

A clearer comparison. My eyebrows definitely look fuller and more complete after the treatment and it's so natural! If I don't mention, you won't know its actually embroidery right?

A close up of how it's like. Can you tell which are my actual brows and which are embroidery?

Few things to take note after embroidery:
- Skin will be slight reddish, it will recover within 1-2 hours.
- Half an hour after embroidery, sterilize your eyebrows with disinfection cotton sheets.
- Sterilize your brows every hour and apply repairing essence evenly on your brows.
- Do not over apply (a thick layer) as it may clogged your skin and cause uneven colourization.
- Apply the repairing essence for 7 days, 4 times a day.
- Do not touch water (eyebrows) within 4 days after treatment to avoid infection.
- Eyebrows may look thick and dark in color due to thicker cuticle. It will look natural after the cuticles peel off.
- Avoid using hot water, steamer etc during the peeling process as it may cause uneven colourization.
- Avoid seafood, spicy food, smoking, drinking, swimming during recovery. 
- It is normal to feel itchy during the recovering process

Black Swan offers a free alteration and color touch up within 6 months to ensure the best customer satisfaction.

Few days later I decided to go back for en eyelash extension. I've been wanting to try but wonder what's holding me back, should have tried it way earlier. I have long lashes but they are just plain flat, which is why I can not live without curler. By the way, this is how my eyebrows look like 3 days after embroidery.

Before eyelash extension

See? My lashes are actually quite long and dark. *Did I tell you how much I love my new brows? lol

Initially I wanted a C curl lash but because my real lashes are too flat, I will look like I have 2 layers of eyelash if I use C, so I decided to follow my beautician Rebecca's advise to go for a B curl. She used the thickest lash on me as I've mentioned that my lashes are long , thick and dark.

The extension is glued one by one on to my real lashes. With the correct method, it will not hurt your real lashes so always go to the trusted beauty salon/ beautician.

Look, one eye done. what a huge difference! The eye with eyelash extension looks so much awake.

Both eyes done. Oh my lashes looks so thick but the effect is not dramatic at all, still natural which is exactly what I want.

Before and after comparison.

Who doesn't love a pair of lovely sweetie innocent doll eyes? Pair it with a thick innocent brows, perfect combo! I think I just fall in love with myself again.

If you love my new brows and eyelash extension and are interested in getting yours done, I did mine at Black Swan Nail Studio in Singapore. Although it's a small shop but it's definitely a gem to be discovered.
Give them a call to enquirer now. They are having promotion for first time customer for eyelash extension.

Black Swan Nail Care:
Contact No: +6581982346 Rebecca

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  1. The eyelash extensions look pretty!

  2. What's the price like for embroidery?

  3. It's my first time!! I like it! hehe

  4. Hi Charmaine, The price is ard $380 depending on each individual. It's better to call and check.


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