Aud-Beauty | REALASH Unleash Your Lash [1 Month Result]


Hey girls! I am back with my one month result of REAlash! If you have not read my first introduction post, you may read it >>here<<.

As mentioned previously, REALash is a kind of serum that helps boost your lashes' growing rate and grow stronger. The density goes up, your eyelashes will look longer and fuller.

Let's have some recap on how my lashes looks like BEFORE trying the products. On the left, is coated with a layer of mascara, right is without mascara.

Now, let's fast forward to one month later after trying the product. This time, the right is coated with a layer of mascara, the left is without.

My lashes are thicker and fuller now.

Some of you may think that its not that obvious. Well, mainly its because my lashes are quite long to begin with, but I can ensure you that, this serum did work (for me). After I started the serum, I happened to have my eyelash extension done (which explained the late of this post). The extension broke quite a few of my eyelash (especially on the eye without mascara here) as I always forgot that I shouldn't rub my eyes. Being panicked, I applied the serum daily (sometimes even twice a day). Within 3 weeks, my lashes grew back to normal! Phew! Thank god it works!

If you wish to try it out, get the Starter Pack at RM199 for 3ml (can last for 4-5 months of daily use). Get your REAlash now from the below website! By the way, this is not the end, I will be back with a 3 months result so stay tune!


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