Aud-Talks | How to Maintain A Relationship: 4 Things You Shouldn't Do in Front of Your Partner

Some of you have asked how do I maintain my relationship with Kareshi. Well, I do not have any secret manuscript nor am I an expert in maintaining relationship but if you would allow me to, let me share with you my way of handling. Before I start, let me reemphasized that what I share today is based solely on my views and experience. It is not an ultimate guide that you should follow. Different couple works differently, bear that in mind.

Now let's talk about things I do not do in front of kareshi. I understand that it is natural for most people to care less about their image when they get really close to their partners. People will start exposing unglam moments in front of their partner without feeling bad or awkward. Agree?

But, I always believe that no matter how close you are, in order to keep the relationship fresh, there are certains things that you shouldn't do in front of each other. It is important to keep some personal (I mean really personal) space and maintain your image in his/ her heart.

4. Nose Picking/ Digging
Will you do that on your first date? I bet you won't. So why do it after you are together? Not to mention flicking the booger off your fingers after you are done digging or slab it under the tables or the sides of the chairs.. or even EATING it!! Uhh.. this is such a turn off. Please clean yourself during shower or whenever you are alone. 

3. Fart like it smells like Roses
This is so common. I bet most of the old couples do it. There is nothing wrong about it but for me, I prefer not to share the "awesome" smell with my beloved partner. I have to admit I've accidentally done it before. I was having a bad cough, and that "inconsiderate unwanted gas" just decided to give us a surprise with a thunder-like sound. Kareshi and me looked at each other and burst into laughters. At times, it creates laughters, you may even joke at it but imagine that if your partner does it all the time, always booming you with the rotten egg smell, isn't it pretty annoying and disgusting?

2. Epilate / Shave 
I believe most ladies epilate or shave regularly. I epilate my hands, legs and underarm every week (sometimes twice a week, problem of a hairy lady) but I never do it in front of kareshi. I find it disturbing especially the poses during epilating. It's really ugly and unglam. Don't get it? See the photos below.

What you think you will look like:
Image source:
The truth is, this is what you will look like:
Image source:
Not very glamorous moment right? Better keep it to yourself.

1. NEVER share/ use the toilet together
It's nice to shower together, as it will add some excitements and gives you an adrenaline rush. But what I mean here is DO NOT brush your teeth when he is doing his private business or worse still you doing your business when he is shaving/ brushing his teeth. This is just so unacceptable for me! It's a big No No.
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Every couple has different ways of doing things, this is just me sharing what I prefer not to do and what I think it's the best for my relationship with Kareshi. Yours might be a total opposite, nothing wrong with that if it works for you. It is the couple's job to find out which works the best.

Relationship is about trial and error. It is about giving and understanding. I will talk about things I do in order to keep my relationship fresh the next round. Till then.

Before you go, tell me your views on the points above. Are you okay in doing it? Which is the one you couldn't accept the most?

Walking on with love,


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  1. I find this so funny, though!! Hahahahaa.. The last is epic. Hahaahah..

  2. Hahaha, I know right! I I know some couples do that when they are together for really long. But I think keeping some personal space like this will keep the relationship stays fresh~ ^_^


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