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Hey there! How are you doing? I'm back with a little update on my baby journal on week 13 to 24. I'm a little slow I know, there're so many things that I want to blog about but so little time! Anyway, here's week 0 to week 12 if you have not read.

On week 13, I almost fainted when I was on my way home after lunch with Kareshi. Not sure what triggered it but it was really scary. Luckily Kareshi was with me. 

Yeah, we have decided on baby's name. We had a name for boy and girl, so no matter what gender my baby is, we are readied. If it's a baby boy, his name will be Leif; if it's a girl, Joie will be her name.

Doctor said it's a baby boy! 

Kareshi went to Taiwan for a business trip. Baby was so excited on the day of kareshi's return that he made his first movement!

Supplements that I took during my pregnancy. I shall do a post sharing about it.

We had a detailed scan on week 20. Baby turned out to be a girl! Sorry my dear for mistaken you as a boy for a month. It's doctor's fault, hehe. From the scan, you seem to have quite a high nose bridge! Wonder who will you look like? Papa? or Mama? Hehe.. p/s: she waved at us for the first time!

Due to some personal issue, the previous Obgyn couldn't deliver my baby so we had to change to another Obgyn which is Dr. Benjamin Tham. Dr. Ben seems to be quite nice and gentle. We will see how it works.

Happened to know that there's a baby market going on at Expo Hall. Listed all the possible items we need to welcome our little girl and started shopping! Bought quite a few things such as diapers, wet wipes, carrier, milk bottles, blanket, towel and etc.

After the baby market, I was actually thinking whether I should get a diaper bag for outing. While I was still contemplating, I received a product review invitation from Haruhonpo to review their Haru Bag aka mummy/ diaper bag. Talk about the law of attraction! You can read my reviews on the bags >>here<< and >>here<<.

At week 24, Baby weight at 600 grams. She looked like she was holding her chin up. So cute! We went for hospital tour on the same day after the check up to see how the room looks like and to get a feel of what we should do on the admission day itself.

We chose to be admitted to a 2 bedded room. The delivery suite is so much better than I imagined. I thought it would be some cold operation table. Haha.

That's it. The growth report of my little girl for week 13 to 24. What happened next? Stay tune with my baby journal update!

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