Aud-Motherhood | Joie is 2 Months Old

Harlo big brothers and sisters! Joié is 2 months old! I achieved quite a few milestones you know. Let's recap on my 2nd month.

After my full month party in Singapore, I had another one at Popo's house in Kulai. Mama and I went back to Popo's house for a week. Mama didn't mean to dress me in all yellow, she actually dressed me up nicely, but I puked on it. Teehee.. Oh! See the nice princessy basket that I'm sleeping on? It belongs to mama! When mama was the same size like me, she sleeps in it too!

Ahh... it's mama's basket bed!

Mama brought me to visit godmother Selyn. Mama says she just gave birth to a baby boy. Hello, little brother. I'm you big sister now.

I've learnt to hold my head straight up while I'm on my tummy. I love to play with mama in this position because I can see her clearly.

I've also learnt how to smile more often now!

Papa said I look like a Japanese baby boy in this outfit.

Do I look like a boy? I think so hor.. I think I took after mama because Mama says she looked like a boy too when she was a baby.

Then after that Papa said I look like Sin Chan in this photo. Piff, do I look like Sin Chan?

Went to visit my great grand parent with mama and Popo that day. I love my great grand parents. Say Hi to my tai po and tai gong. They are 90++ years old you know! May they be happy and healthy always so that they can see me grow.

Whee! Milestone unlocked. I know the existence of my thumb! Mmm.. It's kinda delicious!

Mama, I'm a big girl now! The discharge romper that Popo bought for me is so tight now! Do I look like Bruce Lee? WATAHHH!!!

Oh, I can sleep better on side way now! Another milestone achieved!

Hehe, I'm making a good progress right? I'm gonna be 3 months old next week. Stay tune for my 3 months old post ya! Mama will help me update again very soon.
To end this post, here's a cute photo of me in my bath towel!

Walking on with love,


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