Malacca Bali Homestay

I had a great great weekend (13-14.04.13) with kareshi and his families at the historical town - Malacca!

We rented a homestay as we have a total number of 10 pax!! Kareshi is the one who did the booking. He said initially he wanted to book another homestay which is country style but too bad it was fully booked, at the end he came across this. Malacca bali homestay which has 4 rooms with different theme, air-cons, wifi, heater, basically anything that a house should have, they have it all! It just feels like home! All you need to do is bring your luggage and feels like home! Nice right? Hehe~ I will share you the contact number at the end of the post so meanwhile please continue reading ya~ ^_^

So on Saturday, we had a late breakfast at Kulai (place where I live) before we departed to the historical town. Checked in the homestay around 4pm.

Welcome to Malacca Bali Homestay

Lot number of the homestay.

While waiting for the person-in-charge to open the door and checked us in, lets have some photos! hahaa~

When we enter the homestay, it really feels like coming home..
Disclaimer: photos with ibilik watermark are taken from ibilik website

The living room overview

Living room

I personally like this corner.. an on-wall message board

This is room 1 (my room)

Room 2 (Kareshi's imouto's room)

Room 3 (Kareshi's okasaan and obaasan's room)

And room 4 is Kareshi's 4th obaasan and husband's room. I like the bed frame! so princessy!

The wash room and shower room

Kitchen and dining area

and I like this too! during the day time, you will have nature sun lights coming in~

Small little garden area. The decorations are simply and cosy, don't expect fanciful interior here. It a home-feel homestay. ^_^

We un-luggage and rest for abit and off we set to hunt for late lunch~ all of us were already super hungry, so simply settle our stomach with secret recipe at Dataran Pahlawan. Oh ya, we walked to Dataran Pahlawan, it's just 5 mins walk! So near, so convenient!

The worst milk shake (banana) I ever tasted I guess. Roost cafe ones is definitely so much better!

Driving for the whole journey, didn't had enough water will lead to this! ulcers~~ really hate it! too painful!

After lunch, we shopped around because the weather is too freaking killing hot so we save Jonker walk tour to the night~ while shopping, kareshi spotted this shop! Jelly bunny~! It's so cute and interesting!

Next post coming up about Jelly Bunny~ ^_^

Ending this post with the picture of me! hahah! I love my kareshi so muchie~ ^_^

If you would like to know more...
Dataran Pahlawan
Malacca bali homestay

We booked through ibilik, and paid RM 420 for a night, but I honestly love my readers so, Imma gonna share you a secret. You can skipped ibilik or agoda and book straight from the owner which will only cost RM 350! its RM 70 difference man! and that's alot! so, if you are interested, call up Jean @ +6012- 232 7679 for the booking! ^_^

Address: 5D Lorong 1, Jalan Chan Koon Cheng 75000 Malacca

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