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If you are a coffee lover, If you ever visit Kulai,
This, is one place you should never miss, or you shall regret for the rest of your life.
Yes, it is that serious.

Kulaijaya (formerly known as Kulai) is a developing district. Being part of Iskandar Malaysia development, it is growing fast. 2 years back, a premium outlet- Johor Premium Outlet, JPO (the fifth in the world, the first in Asia) was built, second phase is on its way. Coming December, a brand new Aeon Jusco is about to open. In 2 to 3 years time, it will be even more developed and crowded.

Despite all the new attractions, I still have a thing towards the old-schools. This coffee shop has been there for decades, and it is the BEST in Kulaijaya. Seriously. No joke.

It doesn't has an English name, in Chinese it's called "Da Zhong" which literally means "Public"

"Da Zhong" is located at Saleng, in between the shoplots behind Caltex. It is always crowded especially during weekends.

It is a very old school, kampung style coffee shop. Don't expect air-condition please. Wonder if these mirrors are older than me. lol

This is the boss of "Da Zhong". For his age, he is consider to be really fit and he still makes coffee himself.
Why do I say "Da Zhong" has the BEST coffee?
Because even a "picky tongue" coffee lover couldn't resist it.
The boss roasts the coffee bean everyday. Fresh. With Butter. That's what he told me. No wonder his coffee has a unique taste. Good Job!

Most people will order "kopi" (coffee with milk) or "kopi-peng" (Iced coffee with milk). It is because their normal coffee is already very very very super thick! "kopi-o" (black coffee) will be a challenge. Don't believe me? Give it a try! lol

Another amazing part that I really love about this coffee shop is because they still use the old school charcoal method to toast their toast.

Do you know how much effort and time it needs? In this modern era, they can just toast it with toaster but they insist on using charcoal in order to serve you the true original taste. I totally salute them for this.

Despite the effort, let me tell you.. the taste of a toaster toast can never ever beats a charcoal toast. Charcoal toast is just unbeatable. Crispy on the outside and soft tender in the inside. Talk about it, makes me feel hungry at this midnight time, gosh.

Oh my Gwattt.. Look at the color, slight golden brown makes everything looks super tasty!

It takes quite a few minutes for the toast to turn golden brown. When it does, its ready!

Slice it into half

Put on kaya and margarine/ Butter

And its done! Ready to be served.

Other than the coffee and toast, there's a noodle stall too. Their "wantan mee" is GOOD!

The noodle stall owner and wife

Lady boss was actually shy, keep telling me "aiya, I'm not pretty la~ Don't take my picture la~" lol
Their business also damn good, if you go later than 11 am during weekend, most probably you will get nothing.

*UPDATE: I went over for breakfast 2 weeks ago and found out that the noodle stall was no longer there. Heard that they retired. Aww.. no more good "wantan mee" for breakfast! No luck for those who have not tried.

But never mind. Just across the road, there is this fried kway tiao stall. Their Kway tiao also not bad! I like. I always order wantan mee or this kway tiao and of course couple with milo or coffee for breakfast. Perfect match!

Actually, the most flawless perfect match breakfast is charcoal toast with half boiled egg couple with milo or coffee.
But, too bad I can no longer taste it because I am allergic to egg and yeast. I have to say bye to my favourite half boiled egg and charcoal toast for the rest of my life?
Nuuuuu..... This is just sad!

Fine, I can't eat, you guys eat lah. Now intro you such a nice place so do visit them and give it a try if you come to Kulai.

The people here are more down to earth and friendly. They always helped each other. I always see them help cleaning each others cups or plates. No complaint. No quarrels. It's so heart warming and touching to see people helping each other.

This is why, I love to have breakfast here.
Good food with awesome people.

Address: Lot 2309, No 7, Jalan Jelawat, Taman Saleng Jaya, Senai, Johor, Malaysia
Facebook: 沙令大众咖啡

If you have tried this by any chance, share with me..

Thanks for wakling by. Until next time,

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