The Deadly Road Game

For 2 months of experience with our public transport, I think I can pretty much sum it up.
Hmm.. I have to say.. sometimes, you will meet irritating people but overall, it's still good. I mentioned previously that I really enjoy taking the specific bus by that specific bus driver right? (read them here and here)

Now, every morning I will reach the terminal before 7 am because bus timing has changed. It will now leave at 7 am sharp so if I wanna stick to this favourite bus, I have to wake up even earlier. But it's okay. At least, I feel comfortable and safe.

You know, previously I told you that I thought this guy (left) is the bus operator? Apparently, he is not. He is just like me, a passenger. Ermm... but a lot more "passionate". He can't blame me for mistaking, because he did what an operator does. He will call out "Jb, Jb, City square~" whenever the bus stops at a bus-stop, he will even help to look out for the traffic, alighting passengers and more.. lol

Okay, that's the good side of the bus ride. This post is about the bad side and the reason why I would rather wake up earlier to take this bus than sleep more and ride the other buses.

Sleeping while taking bus is common. I too sometimes sleep in the bus whether I am on my way to work or home. But I always sleep "within" my seat.

One fine day, I was taking my favourite bus as usual. This "Auntie" sat beside me and she started to sleep which is perfectly normal. But, things turned bad later on. She slowly slide her head towards me.. bit by bit.. I was trying to get some rest with my eyes close too, so I didn't realize that she is approaching until... I felt my shoulders were heavy.

I opened my eyes, and turn over.. I saw a stranger's head on my shoulder! I tried lifting my shoulder to wake her up, but it doesn't work. I moved my shoulder away so that her head will have no support and she will wake up. It works.

She get back to her position and continue to sleep, so do I. Less than 10 minutes, it happened again! This time, its worse. She comfortably set her whole head on my shoulder. Again I tried waking her but she doesn't respond so I moved my shoulder away again. This time, she woke up and gave me a deadly stare! WHAT?? Eh! come on la! you don't even say sorry and you still dare to stare at me like I disturb your sleep ar? What the heck! I was pissed. Really. But, I do not intend to make it worse so I just ignore her.

You know what? I was already pissed by her rudeness right? then it happened again! I felt annoyed and irritated. I grabbed my phone, snap a photo of her. Initially I really intend to post her face but then again, it's not right so I censored her face away. This is how she pillowed my shoulder. I honestly don't like it!

I have gently reminded you to sleep "within" your seat, you don't feel pai seh or say sorry but yet still so rude, stared at me and still tsk me! Walao~~ I almost blew my head off and ask her "where is your damn manners AUNTIE?" but I somehow manage to keep the flame down. Uhh.. not worth to get angry over shitty people who doesn't mean anything to me. So... I just keep still to that position and let her sleep through the whole journey.

What I've got in the end? Nothing. No sorry, No thank you, nothing but shoulder pain (I have shoulder pain problem, that's why I can't over use my shoulders). Thank you ar AUNTIE! I had to deal with the pain for the rest of the day for nothing.

Of course, there are other "interesting" things I've encountered but this the most "speechless" one. lol. Now, let me tell you why I don't like taking other buses.

Sometimes, I will missed my favourite bus or the bus driver is on leave. I have no choice but to take other bus. S&S is really the worse bus ever. It's super old, like it will break down any time. This is me taking a S&S bus. It happened to be an Indian bus driver that day. I am not being racist but it's a fact that Indian drivers are more reckless in driving. They really drive in a way that will scare the shit out of you.

From my place to my work place, is a 40 km journey. There are some stops that are more crowded and this is where the deadly road game starts. Example this stop, it is usually crowded, almost everyone will be heading to the town. In order to get the most passengers, these bus drivers race on the road. The operators will be the eye. They check the road, once spotted other buses, the operator will ask the driver to speed up.

They raced. You heard me. They raced! A heavy vehicle with dozens of life on it, speeds like wind on a busy morning road. That day, the bus I took won. This is the operator.
Check out what he is doing. He is showing off to the bus behind by doing a sarcastic dance and telling how many passengers he manage to grab.

I felt sick. Sicked over the sickening character and attitude.
I got angry. Angry over the irresponsibility of the drivers.
Hello? You are driving a heavy vehicle with dozens of life on it. It is not something you can/ should fool around with! This is not a GAME! You wanna race, go to the race track. You wanna die, go die yourself! You have no rights to put the passengers' life in danger despite all reason! You moron!

Can you feel how angry I am? Do you know how scary it is? An hour ride makes me feel that I had just shorten my life for 5 years. Damn it. Seriously, I am sorry to say but this always happens on Indian drivers. It is not the first time, but every time I took S&S with an Indian driver, I will have to go through the deadly road game. This is why I rather wake up earlier to take the favourite bus than sleep more and be part of the road game.

Now you know how scary the drivers are, but how bad is the bus condition you asked. See the photos yourself.
Cracked windows

Broken chairs, exposed light bulbs and wires (red arrow), cockroaches running around...
Are these bad enough? 

I honestly hope that the government will at least do something that is helping the society and the country rather than show casing the surface of how good we are (seriously, we are no close to good at all!). These kind of vehicles are really road hazards.

Please la "boleh" government, improve the public transport system, stringent control on heavy vehicles over speeding, reckless driving and etc. Make our road safer la.

That's all for my rant. Do you have any "interesting" incident on public transport? Share with me..

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