Week of Presents

Everyone in the world is the same.
we all wish to be loved, to be doted on.
and all of us loves present, love gifts~!

its not a patent right solely for women and kids, men loves it too.

I love prezzies!!!! I LOVE it very much!
but i'm kinda practical type, ha!
I prefer presents that are useful, or usable...

Women loves flower, I do too~! but really don't like to receive flower as a gift... lol
because its useless, it dies away, and its a waste of money~ =p
that's why my boy never really bought me flowers~ (always get scolded by me)
even a t shirt makes me happier than receiving flowers. lol
i'm weird maybe.

ok, back to the topic! its a week of presents! why? because i've been receiving presents!
*overwhelming by joy*

here's the 1st one i received...

A super big size polo-t... ha! bought the wrong size he said, but its a very nice shirt, so i took it for alter, hehe! Thank you!!
(I was feeling so cold that i had to stuck my legs into the shirt to get warm when i took this pic)

Now the 2nd prezzie!

WOW! a jacket from AX, and its red!! I love it!! Thank you~!!!!

and here's what i receive yesterday...

Armani's perfume - Diamond~! Thank you~!!!

Hmm... is this coincidence?  2 out of 3 are Armani, but from different people. ahh... whatever! just so happy with gifts~! la la la la la la~~~~~~~~~

can't stop the smile on my face~ =p
(this pic was taken on friend's birthday celebration, XD)

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