A Space BETWEEN You and Me

I was reading newspapers in the morning that day as usual..

Then I saw this column introducing some mobile apps. I roughly read through it, then this app caught my attention.

"Between" is an app for couples. You can create your own intimate space with "Between".

Unlike other social networking sites, "Between" lets you share your sweet memories with your partner/lover easily and privately.

You can build 1:1 archive that includes chat history, photo albums and customized message board with your partner.

Key Features:
- Quick chat with your lover
- Photo album organized by date
- Emotional messages
- Memories box that accumulates your valuable moments
- Notification center that delivers news to your significant other
- Anniversary sharing

The contents shared through this application are fully protected through encrypting all shared data. If you are worried about security, check what they said:

At Between, we respect and value our users’ personal information and privacy. We want you to feel safe and secure as you share your memories with who you love. If you have any questions or concerns about our security and privacy policy, please feel free to contact us at between@vcnc.co.kr.

1. Password
We do not directly store your password, instead we encrypt the password. The encrypted password is used along with an access token in order to sign in to ensure safe sign in procedure.

2. Secure Data Transfer
We use a secure channel using 128-bit SSL, which is the highest level of protection possible, for all data (chat logs, memos and etc.) and photos shared in Between.

3. Data Storage
We use a tier-one secured access data center and AES-256 standard encryption to protect data within Between.

Doesn't it sounds lovely? Especially for Asians as most Asians are more conservative when it comes to personal and private life. But I think it's good to keep intimate and private things to own-self.
I can't really understand those youngsters nowadays who loves to show and publish all their private and very intimate info or even pictures to the public. Don't they know how crazy the Internet can be? Learn from Eddison Chen's lesson please. Lol!

Well, back to "Between"..
I downloaded it and sign up for an account.

The latest update:What's in this version?
- Faster and more stable messaging
- New messaging UI
- Easily delete emoticons when editing messages
- More emoticons
- Check the system status from the Settings tab

Honestly I kinda like the interface~ its one of my love color sweet milky teal~

Home page
There are quite a few features for you to explore and create magical moments with your the other half~ I will explain them one by one~

Anniversary date
You can set your anniversary date and counting to be shown at the home page~
Add more or edit whenever needed~~

Chat box
Like many other communication app, Between allows you to share sent photos and voice message~ downside it's it doesn't allow video sharing.

Besides that, it also allows you to change the background of the chat box, edit messages and sorts!


Look at the emotion icons! They are MAX CUTE!! There are times when words can't express enough, and that's when the emoticons and stickers come in to add flavor into your words~

If you can't get enough for the default ones, you can even buy it from the store!

The album
Between has a space for couples to share albums~ you may share outing photos together!

You can upload 10 photos in one shot, and you can even edit the main display photo and the main title of the album!

Memo board
Memo board is where you can place a memo to your love ones~ just like what I did~ a simple note~ ^_^

Memory box
Memory box is the precious moment you would like to mark it down, and keep them all in place~ It can be photos or a memo~ just tap the star button on the photo or a memo to be mark into memory box~

Last but not least, Event box

Event box will pop up notification when there's any official even launched by Between. Do check them out and you might win you n your couple some awesome prize!

So, if you are interested, check them on Facebook
or download it from here for iPhone,
or from Google play for Andriod.

This app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

P/S: Touch wood if you and your partner break-up, just delete the app and click all data to be erased.

P.P/S: Blog updated on 24.6.13

Have fun!


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