Hen Night @ Aruku The Walk

I have tons of ideas and things that I wanna write about, so many event I wanna share about but it seems like time is always the one that keeps me out of the way.. >_<''

Fine, Let me start with the most recent party I attended, one of my babies- The Cute baby----> Kit's hen night aka bachelorette party!

Her wedding took place 2 weeks ago which is on the 30th June 2012, understand that she would be busy preparing her wedding, so we arrange her hen night on the 22 June.

Initially, we wanted to have dinner at Anna's Kitchen which is a hidden jewel in Johor Bahru town. (Click on the link to check a post about it ^_^). Sneak view of the restaurant, if you missed my previous post.

I just love the place

But, in the end, we ended up at Kit's new house with fast food take away. but that's not the main point of the night. After we feed our stomach to the fullest, we had our sisters' discussion for the actually day morning outfit, the games that we gonna prepare for the gate crashing games (this links you to a wedding highlights video including the gate crashing games session. Yes, that's me! One of my bestie's wedding on 25 Feb 2012. I'm giving you this video as I do not have a copy of Kit's wedding video yet).

An hour++ later....


My baby Chariot is ready!!

We basically dash out of the house, hopped into the car and VrRoOOomMMmmM!!!!

The Newly opened <Aruku- The Walk>

This is the best spot! AhaAhh!!

View from second floor

We drink, We drank but We are not drunk.
We laugh, We dance and We had fun.
It was a tiring night, as the event took place after work, but indeed, a wonderful one. ^_^

No matter what happens, We NEVER FORGET cam-whoring!!!

With Lil Baby- Andruey

With Lil Baby and Cute Baby- Kit!!!

The Ladies (I also duno why am I standing in front, Cute baby keep push me to the front XD)

The best group photo I guess, because my legs looks awesomely long! haha!

Feel like joining the crowd? Check out their promotions and events!
Official website: Aruku The Walk
Call them @ 07- 331 1118
(You will have to call and make a reservation on peak times, its really FULL HOUSE!!)

That's all for today, time to sleep. I have to tug in to my bed now if I don't wanna be late for work.
Night peeps!

More to come about the wedding day.. Cya!

xoxo, tons of ♥

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