Top 10 Rude Malaysian Habits

So this hits the front page of the Star yesterday. Is it true that Malaysians are rude?
Unfortunately, it seems to be so true... >_<
but not all Malaysians..
There are still the good and polite ones...

Do you know that previously, we were rated the 3rd rudest country out of 35 countries? and after six years, Some things do not seem to change in Malaysia. We are still labelled as rude and inconsiderate.
See, Malaysia never improve.. @_@

The latest survey by the Reader Digest shows Kuala Lumpur at the bottom part of the list of Least Courteous Cities at number 34 out of 36 major cities in the world!!

Selfish acts like ignoring signs against smoking, eating and littering, and rushing in to lifts, trains and buses before allowing people to exit, Poor toilet etiquette, talking loudly on phones even in cinemas, being late for appointments, not saying “thank you” and leaving trolleys in parking lots are the bad habits that Malaysians continue to practise shamelessly!!

I really hate those that rushing into trains and buses before letting ppl out..

Out of the 10, which have you done before?
Okay, I will take the lead and admit 1st...
No.1: I change lanes without indication...
well, its like my signals are not working all the time XD, I'm sorry! >_<
No.10: Arghh.... I do get LATE! but I will apologize... and I won't be late on big events~ (trying to get excuses for being late) =p PARDON me PLEASE~!!

Seriously, these are the only 2 offence I made, how about you??
Don't lie! impossible that you have done none of the above..
Tell me, tell me~~ Don't be shy~~ ^_^


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