Charity Carnival Kulaijaya

Ah~ its the Charity carnival again!! woohoo!
It was held on the 15th July, yeah..yeah.. I know.. its two weeks ago...
I'm a slow poke! lol

Its was a super sunny day which is good because no one will turn out if its rainy.
I basically just went there to look look see see, and pay my okaasan a visit because she works as a voluntary helper at a booth that day. So this post will have mostly photos!!
Here it goes.

Handmade soup..opps! its soap.. haha

Tadahh!! Mah Cute Okaasan (Mummy)~~

"come ar~ come ar~ 2 for RM5!"
(She complained that I published her ugly photo, she said "walao, why put this photo? my hair so messy!!" lol

Artwork by the kids. "I remember... those days when we met.."

Childhood time..

cute! its been a long time since i last played this!!

The G@ming area~ woohoo!

look at them.. so enjoyable

Cr@fting area

Boy: hmmm... im very tired ady.. can i have a piece of that? please? lol

Auntie: Girl, take photo d then must buy hor~!!

My Fav "Cincau" aka grass jelly, but this is for my hard-working kind hearted mummy~

The coupon for the carnival. Sin Chew Daily is one of the organizer

The "Lonely" donation box 

Taiwan sausage girl..(WTH I'm naming her..XD)

Cakes from Batu Pahat, tot it will be very nice but turns out to be kinda disappointed, too high expectation maybe.. lol

Free books..

Teaching from mummy to children.. How much can you understand?

Dun play play.. these painting cost like 4 digits..

Local movie sponsored by Marrybrown

After busy for the whole half day, uncle can not tahan d.. Need some liang teh to aid the thirst.
All these folks are on voluntary basis. Thank you folks for the awesome carnival..

Time to go home~ ^_^


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