Halong Bay

Hello, I'm back for the 2nd day in Hanoi post. As imagine, it's gonna a very long post and full of photos again, but I will TRY to cut it short!

so, as I mentioned in the previous post that I had Lai to arrange my Halong bay trip schedule, she had everything fixed & nicely scheduled! (In case you have not read my post of Day 1 in Hanoi, read it here)

Oh! did I not mentioned that Daniel & Lai are awesome people? They are like super awesome!! I will share their contact later, be patient~ ^_^

Okay, let's start the photos spam! (How can you not let me show off all these wonderful photos I've taken? *begging with knees down*)

Woke up in the morning, be prepared, had my breakfast and I saw this just in front of the hotel. I'm actually pretty amazed by it, wonder how it will be if people in Malaysia do this.

well, if anyone Sells pork like this in Malaysia, I think you will end up in lockup, lol.

Okay, we are ready for Halong Bay, take us there! *drumming the table
Huh? What is Halong Bay? Halong Bay is the new 7 wonders of Nature! read more here.
I think we are Lucky as the sky is clear & bright, the weather is sunny (TOO sunny actually) but still grateful because we are going to the sea!! 

Saw this pond while the bus driver stops at the roadside for toll card recharged and started to sing.
Six lil ducks That I once knew
But the one little duck With the feather on his back
He led the others With a quack, quack, quack.
Fat ones, skinny ones, Fair ones, too

Before arriving at the harbour, the travel bus drops us off at some Embroidery factory
Holy shit! just look how the end product is so much painting-like!!

Although the artworks are nice but We quickly finish visiting this factory and head back to our bus as we are all very anxious to get our ass on the boat! After almost 3.5 hours of travelling, we are finally here! I was told that the distance was not far actually, but the road condition is so bad that it has to take so long to arrive. How bad is it? its like a humpy dumpy riding a horse running for 3.5 hours for god's sake! thank god I didn't puke after all the humping and dumping!

OKAY!! Don't freaking tell  me that this is our BOAT?!

Nah!! turn out that this is the small boat that brings us to our big boat like this!

Some random shots!

Woot! whose here?!
Fav pic of the day!

Did you just yelled ENOUGH?!
Okay, enough for the mountains and sea photos then.
Let's continue with some caves photos! hahaha! did I gotcha?
This is the surprising cave!

I was told that it was first found by the Perancis aka French~
Initially it was below the sea, that's what makes all these water dripping marks.

Guess what?!! I think I saw an old man with an old creepy staff sealed in the stone. CAN YOU SEE IT?

YEAH!! Finally, finish climbing the freaking cave! SEE! What a scenic view! My whole body felt so relax and refreshing!

Opps! mounts and sea again.. XD its different view okay~~ I honestly thinks that I'm quite good in photographing! *Narcissism-ing
Okay~~ There you go, something different~ convenient store on the sea!

Okay, now it's the VERY IMPORTANT part!! I have to say.. hmm... It's kinda... different experience.. and I'm actually scared all the time!

Tadah! It's me KAYAKING!! damn, I'm freaking scared! cause I a damn Landlubbers!!

I was screaming and yelling (not really yelling) all the time, and almost burst my tears out! after kayaking activity, the cruise send us to the bay! There! the all mighty Audrey is back alive! hahaha!

I see Eagles everywhere!I mean everywhere you know!

I can't go into the water.. why??.. erm... you know... once a month..?
yea, so I stay dry on the beach to take photos~~
After an hour or so, we have to head back to our boat for shower and dinner~
this is where the magic begins.. this is where I got myself drunk.
totally Drunk by the prettiness, awesomeness of the nature beauty! 

It's pretty isn't it? Did I take real nice photos here right? *please say yes!
I stood there enjoying the heavenly view until the sun goes back to sleep only went for shower and dinner. After filling my protesting tummy, I head up to the second floor to chill, and guess what? I fell asleep in the arms of the breeze and moonlight on the beach chair... what an enjoying life!!

It's been a long day today, blame it on the travelling journey! imagine how much more we could have done with the time wasted on the road... >_<''

Okay, before I end the post, I promised to share you the 2 most awesomeness couple, Lai, and Daniel's contact, so here it is.

The photo of Daniel's restaurant

True Colour Tour / Provecho
18 Hang Be, Hoan Kiem District
T: (091) 222 3966
Email: cozyhotel@gmail.com/ daniel@welleatenpath.com

Be sure to have them arrange your trip for you if you ever plan to visit Hanoi! You will not regret it!
*Are you SURE?*

My journey with Lai and Daniel doesn't ends here! Look forward to my next post (oops! next post is about NuffnangX), so maybe the next-next post! See ya!

Precious Readers