A dedication to NuffnangX

As it shown on the topic, this is gonna be a NuffnangX post.
I believe there are tons of nuffnangx post out there right now, especially from the premium bloggers! so this post will be something slightly more, some sort of dedication to Nuffnangnuffnangx  team and of course Timothy and Boss Ming, thank you all of you for making nuffnangx a dream comes true! *SALUTE

so first, what is nuffnangxnuffnangx is an app/ a platform for you to STALK blogs! you can now read blogs via nuffnangx app, and the coolest thing is... the conversation integration!!!! who the hell thought of this idea? damn brilliant until I feel like giving him/ her a koala bear hug!! (ignore this if you are married, don't wish to become a honey comb!) Okay, back to topic! nuffnangx conversation allows the comments that anyone who commented to your blog via the app, showing up in your blog itself! confusing? No right? its easy!

Before I go to that part, I should direct you to register an account with nuffnangx first! lol
Now, go to nuffnangx, register for an account, but if you previously have a nuffnang id, just use that email to login, or you can sign in with your facebook account.
After signing in, you will be lead to the feeds wall. Yours will look like this after all the navigation steps shown aka tutorial, and after you followed some blogs of course.
so the next step is to CLAIM your BLOG! Go to the top right, click your own picture for the drop down menu, scroll to "CLAIM YOUR BLOG" and start following the steps! *If you encounter problems in claiming your blog such as "NON OFFICIAL DOMAIN" *like what I've met, waited ONE WHOLE DAY for mine to be claimed! but it just launched less then 24 hours (few days ago before this post was published), be tolerant abit la! but I'm okay with it as the admin replied prompt enough to make me feel ease! You might need to try again after awhile as it seems to be the delay of the server, but if you are still having problems please do contact the help counter by  http://www.nuffnangx.com/help/new_ticket.

Once you have your blog claimed, you will be asked to verified by placing a code. This is a code for you to be verified as the owner of the blog AND allows all the comments from the app integrate to your blog! How COOL is it?!! its FREAKING COOL okay!! I'M DAMN IN LOVE with it, although I don't even have a follower in the first place, not to say a comment la! but I believe eventually I will have it ma... *sob-ing face

so yea, basically, that's all you need to do, register-> claim your blog-> verify your blog-> start following me! *see, I pathetically asking for follows, shouting for attention! fml
Okay, I just saw something interesting!!
I think I saw myself on  NuffnangX  post!WTH! *shouting in overwhelming tone
Its me! The 1st one is me!!!! Its my tweets!!!!! muahahahahahah! *right click to see larger picture please!!
*pulls myself back to my lappy

So now, the first part of the post is complete, let's move to the second part! the DEDICATION PART!
Recently, I'm watching a Japanese drama named "Rich man Poor woman". I really love this drama as it sorta makes me feel like I'm watching story of Steve Jobs, and somewhat it makes me link it to... Nuffnang or I should say Netccentric Group... Timothy and his crew. Ha!! I'm not joking here okay! it really does give me this kind of feeling! Go watch the drama yourself to find out what kind of feeling I'm trying to say! The drama has only 11 episodes where the final episode was just released on the 17th, and I watch it on the 18th, YES! the day that NuffnangX launched! This even strengthen the feelings and touching part of it! *when I say touching it means feeling touching, not that touching touching you are thinking! ishhh!

Okay, I know some of you do not and will not have the time to watch the whole drama, so I enclosed here a self-recorded video (with my ipad2 so pardon me for the poor quality) which i think its the most touching part that makes me have all my goosebumps stands and my tears dashing out of its window!

ITの中心には いつも 人間がいるんだ、私たちの仕事は たぶん 大切な人を 思うことから始まるんだ! 君たちにも そういう人が いるんだろう?だったら その人のために作ろう。ここで!

次なる 革新は 君たちの中にある!
What it means? Okay.. a rough translate here for you.
The center of IT, its always HUMAN, Our job probably starts from thinking of the most important person in our live! You must have such a person in your heart right? therefore, let's work hard for that person, right HERE!
The next innovation, lies among YOU!!!!

DAMN!! such an inspiring speech!! I have watch not less than 100 times by now, and every time! it gave me goosebumps all the way! It touched me deep inside my heart! It makes me tears! It makes my dream comes alive!!!

This is like what you NuffnangNetccentric Group, NuffnangX have done!! YOU coloured people's life, YOU enrich people's living, YOU make DREAMS ALIVE!!!

Am I too Exaggerate? I am not! Everything starts from the a thought/ mind, it all comes from a believe! Like what I always said:
It's not because it is the truth, therefore you believe;It is because you Believe, therefore it is the Truth!
Thank you the whole group & crew whoever makes all these comes true..
Thank you for making our lives easier...
Thank you for making the world a better place!!
本当に ありがとうございます!
*bend down 90 degress

P/s: Provide you the awesome soundtrack! I'm nice right? Enjoy!

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