Open Your Hapiness, Vietnam

Work has been busy, therefore cause the delay of the post.

My previous previous post ends at sleeping on the boat in Halong Bay, so this continues by Waking up on the boat in Halong Bay. I purposely woke up at 5.00 am because I wanted to watch the sun rise at 6.00 -6.30 am said the crew of the boat. So I had myself showered, prepared and move out of the room. Suddenly I felt that... Hmm.. 6.00 am in the middle of the sea is this consider bright?? The next sec, I jumped and dashed up to the second floor. Yea!! its damn BRIGHT!!!! the sun had already rise without waiting for me?? WTH!! but then I see no sun, its bright but no sun! where the hell did the sun went? so I sat still and waited.... until 6.45 am, I think I saw the cheeky cunning lil sun, hiding behind the mountain!
so this is why the sky is bright but I see no Sun anywhere because its hiding behind the mountain~ It happens that from my point of view, its impossible to see the Sun rise as the view was blocked by many many mountains.. but still, better then nothing I guess.

Here are some photos that I captured.

I damn love this pic! Had the cam setup on the deck and self timer it. Tried many times to get it

We had breakfast then set off to the pearl museum before heading back to Hanoi.

OMG! giant oyster~! The pearl must be damn GIGANTIC! 

Tools to implant pearl balls

These oyster are 3 years old

and these are 5 years

She is cutting some sort of fertilizer into very very small piece and implant it into the oyster womb to act as nutrition or agent to encourage the oyster to get pregnant

and she is implanting the pearl balls (pearl balls are made from shell powder, therefore it will not have any rejection symptoms.

Look at the white balls, there are the pearl balls that will become pearl in the future.

See, the guide said that the chances for the oyster to get pregnant is lower than 10% and the chances to produce good quality of pearl is very very low like only 3%. See the difference between 2 pearls? the left is more yellowish, and the one on the right has better lustre.

Oh, the sky just got dark, its gonna rain pretty soon i think. so we quickly finish the visit and set off returning to the harbour..

Storm is coming but this old man/woman seems so relaxing..

This makes me feel like doomsday is coming

Its raining heavily out there, so we can't have any outdoor activities, so we are all trapped inside the boat. Its CONGESTED when 20 of us squeeze in to a not very big hall. but no where else to go so no choice. In order to entertain 20 grumpy passenger, one of the crew showed us his trick.

Finally when the rain stops, Dragonflies came to visit us.. Whole bunch of them but I only manage to capture two tiny lil ones...

We reached the harbour around 1.00 pm, had lunch then travel back to Hanoi City.
Look at the washroom of the restaurant we had our lunch! I don't even dare to use it~! @_@
No DOORS!!!! Your private part ain't that private, it seems.

Finally back to Hanoi around 6pm. Here's some street shots.
WAnted to focus the roadside barber but the van moved too fast and turns that Im focusing the stupid motorbike.

I guess we are lucky to stay at a hotel that is so near to their night market that only operates in the weekends! look at the crowd~!

Thomas eating some sort of kuih that is seen in Msia too, but he said it tasted differently and it is really nice! but I can only watch~!! course I'm allergy to eggs and yeast! shit~!! fml

I went to Daniel's restaurant again to confirm the next day's schedule and collect the waterpuppet's ticket and of course ask for some recommended place for nice dinner. Indeed, I was right to look for him. Thank to him, we had an awesome dinner!

Dinner at New Day restaurant.

Its sorta like our economic rice in Msia, but their's are slightly different. You walk in, choose the dishes you want and tell them for how many pax, then just proceed to your place. They will serve you the food and rice.
and trust me, if you are not a big eater, never ask for the full pax, their portion is damn big! but I don't understand why they have such huge appetite but still look so damn slim! so UNFAIR~!!! I breath also get fat! really dammit!

Damage of the night~~ actually, the food is not expensive at all, but the drinks!! its like RM 60+ and the drinks itself cost more than half of it!!! @_@

Some Random street shots while walking to the night market..

and here it is, the most delicious dessert I tasted so far in Hanoi!

Thomas & his Family

While shopping at the night market, I saw something I used to have when I was a kid, even during my secondary school times, there's still an old uncle riding in his bike selling this! when duno when, he doesn't appear anymore, and since then I had not tasted it again. Its maltose candy!

OMG!!! This is just too CROWDED~!!!!!!! What is it??!!

SO this is what's going on with the crowd! I was almost knocked down by some kids/teens for duno what reason, and now I know its because of you "Open Happiness"!! Coca-cola freebies event! FREE COKE!!

After everyone Opened their Happiness, they all went home, Including me. The time is now 12 am (1.9.2012), and we have an early morning the next day. So, see ya on the next post of Hanoi (hopefully on 30.9.2012)! 

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