Rainbowcolor Contact Lens

Ohai! its Saturday night when im writing this, tomorrow its Autumn festival! Wish everyone have a blessing one in advance!

I bought a pair of  RainbowColor contact lens the other day. I have a pair of sensitive or dry eyes, doc says because I cried too much over dramas (i'm a very very sentimental lady, get touched easily, really easily). I even cried over music videos, songs.. ha! speechless huh? Opps, im kinda off topic, back to the track.
so I have a pair of dry eyes, therefore I am always very careful with contact lens, actually, I hardly wear them unless I have event to attend (coz my eyes get super duper tired and dry easily, my eyes can't last long with contacts on!) I have tried quite a few brands such as freshkon, freshlook, acuvue and etc but only blincon suits my eyes, others really makes my eye so so so uncomfortable like i wanna dig my eyes out. SO I've been using blincon for quite some years now, till recently I came across some blog post reviewing Cheeserland aka Cheesie RainbowColor which were launched back in the January. After some consideration, I decided to try on it! So I headed to Sasa to get a pair of storm grey color lens after knocking off my work. Tadah! here it is! Storm Grey  RainbowColor lens on my grey printed dress, lol!

Its RM58 per pair and there's PROMOTION of BUY 3 FREE 1!! The package contains a contacts storage box, so sweet! and its PINK! hehe~~
Here's how storm grey looks on my eye!

and a full make face (not really full make though) with Rainbowcolor storm grey lens.
and its super extremely COMFORTABLE!!! it doesn't dries my eyes out as fast as the others, in other words, it makes the lens stays on my eyes longer than the other brands does!

I love it!!! its 14.2mm which doesn't gives you the very fake look like other extremely HUGE diameters like 16 or 17mm GEO lens. Its natural and it really enhance the look of your eye! Like the old folks saying, EYE is the window of your soul~ So make your eyes look better with it~! Don't worry about the quality, as its 100% genuine and certified GEO lens, manufactured at GEO Medical Ltd, Korea and its 3 MONTHS DISPOSABLE!! RM 58 for 3 MONTHS? Damn worth it isn't it?! Whadcha waiting for???

If you are looking for something new to try on, try  RainbowColor!! You will not regret!

RainbowColor are available @  Sasa or you may purchase from Tokyoninki online! They are available in different powers now~~ Grab them today! its FREE SHIPPING throughout MALAYSIA! and FREE INTERNATIONAL POSTAGE for RM150 and above purchase!

Off topic
Some #ootd photos through out the week~ work and casual outfit! love the colar necklace I bought recently!

and my new #macaron + chili red new color! love it~!! too bad, it wasn't in gel but normal color~ but i still love it! had a kuro neko drawn! =p

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