Chinese New Year of Snake 2013

Time really Flies. Its Chinese New Year in a blink of eye!
Tomorrow, we will welcome the year of Snake and officially bid the Dragon goodbye.
I still have many post that I haven't post but I think I will have to cut queue and post this first, because its CNY!! hehe.. (with lots of photos!)
And, there will be several parts in this post, hehe. Lets start with the first part.

Part 1: China Town
Singapore China town is famous for CNY ambience, but I never been there before.
This year, is different. I am lucky. I got the chance to visited China Town for the very first time on 23.1.13. ^_^

But before that, lets have dinner first. Hehe..
This is so called one of the famous congee at Tiong Bahru~!
#The Ah Chiang Porridge!

#Pork and fish slice porridge
It's indeed very smooth and really a lot of ingredient~ nice!

#Raw fish
After attending to my stomach, I'm good to go! Off to China town~
*Taken while the vehicle is moving hence the blur, I'm sorry~

Heard that this year's decoration is done by students. Hmm... indeed.. work of students.
Nothing too glamour.. nothing too WOW about it.
I personally thinks that its too squarish.
#Looks like some sort of giant tissue box?

Like I said, China town is lively when its coming to CNY (Chinese New Year). We've been driving round and round, I think more than 40mins to finally found a car park. Should have take train instead. >_<
#Finally we are here!!! Lets start shopping! Window shopping I mean... lol

#Black pearl? Heard that its only available during CNY..
#Its really black in color! Taste good~~ but really too expensive. Its from Taiwan, said the girl.

#Its so colorful~~ max love~!

#OoHh~ look what I found~ Tiny pumpkin! So cute..
#Its $4 each~ The Chinese words are pronounce as "Fa Chai Jin Guo" just in case you are wondering~ hehe

Suddenly I saw something that I never seen before.. I stare at it with tons of question marks above my head..
and He said this is called "Fo Shou", the Buddha Hand? Looks... weird~~~ I wonder how it taste..hmmm...@_@

When you step into China town, you will not missed these stalls, because there are plenty of them.
#You will see plenty of candy stalls this year. Really, a lot.
#Kids will go crazy here, I think. "I want this! I want that!" lol

#"Chai Shen Ye" The god of wealth/ fortune!! Come to me baby~ lol
Although its still like 2 weeks before CNY, but its already kinda crowded here. If you can, visit China town on the CNY eve, which is actually tonight. Why? Because there will be crazy sales! Everyone will want to sell off everything and pack to go home for CNY! so, grab the cheap discounted stuff here! hehe
I love Christmas in white, and I love CNY in red~ Ang Ang, Huat Huat!
#"Fu" means Fortune, Happiness. May all of you stay happy always!
#Random street performer, the lil girl in pink is kind hearted. She donated money~ good for her. She will grow up to be a pretty lady~

In the end, bought some of this (Black pearl) for mummy to try~ the packaging is nice! There's even a seal clip given~ nice thought!

Part 2: Office
Now, its my office's turn. This year, our office receive ridiculous exclusive hampers! Never we receive so many before in the past years said my colleagues. and this time, many of them are really expensive! I'm not joking okay.. see for yourself!
#So many of them!!!! LOVE MAX! MAX LOVE! 
#Chocolate Marshmallow
#I never know.. chips and chocolate... are perfect match!!!
#Coffee Chocolate
#Chocolate Crunch
#I think this is a chocolate bar, can't really remember.. too many of them!
#Nutty chocolate bar~ this is nice!
#Chocolate milk and white chocolate
#Chocolate wafer, nice!
#Baton cookies! I LOVE this!!!
#There's 2 box of Bak Gua inside the Royce Chocolate hamper
#Its really nicely packed lo~

#2 Pastry Hamper (5 boxes of them, my god!)
#Blueberry pastry, its delicious!

#3 Season Hamper
#4 Okay, this ain't hamper, these are bought by Alicia (my cute lovely colleague~) I can't stand them temptation and ate quite alot! Hence, my eczema allergy came bk looking for me!! Should had really just sew my mouth~~ =_=''

#Part of the overview (too many, can't fit all into the frame)
#5 Hamper unkown. Haha! Because I really don't know who its from. No, its not from the palace~ ^_^
#Check this chocolate out! its really very very cute isn't it? It has all the zodiac!!

#6 Royal Hamper!! (from the name, you might guess its from who)

OMG! There are so many so many goodies! so many food! so so so many of them! I can't resist... I JUST CAN'T!!! HELP!!
This is how I look before CNY even started, wonder how will I look after the CNY holiday?
I bet I'm gonna look like this..

*OMG!!! faint!

Part 3: Angpow
Its the last day at work before all of us went for CNY holiday. I initially thought that we will have half day off but it seems to be my own tiny little wishful thinking, lol!! but NEVER MIND!! because... I've got...

# My first Angpow from my Boss! Thank you!!

#and another one for my Attaché! Arigatou gozaimasu!!

Part 4: Goodies for home
This year, unlike the previous, my family decided to go low. stay low. Not gonna buy big amounts of CNY goodies, not gonna buy much due to some issue. But still, I felt that I should at least buy something for the family.. so here's some bak gua..

Some cookies...

Some "Nga Gu"... some sort of mushroom that were thin sliced and fried..

Some drinks... that's all.. looks like very pitiful? Nah, no such thing. Chinese New Year is fun because of the people, not the food. What matters is that, we are together. The whole family stays together, share the moment side by side. That's Chinese New Year. Forget about the fireworks, forget about the cookies, forget about the Angpows, Only REMEMBER the people, Your FAMILY.

Its 10 pm, Chinese New Year eve, another 2 hours we will greet the year of Snake Hello! and officially say bye bye to the year of Dragon. I hereby wish all of you, Happy Chinese New Year! May you have a Happy and prosperous year ahead! Stay happy, healthy and wealthy! Enjoy your holidays~!!!!

~Live to Dream ♥ Dream to Live~


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