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Women's life span is short. When I say life span, I am not referring to the actual life span of life but the beauty life span. The best age and climax of a woman is the age between 20 to 25. That's the best of a woman's life. She will be the prettiest, and the body's condition is at its climax.

But like flowers, it wither.  You can never stop it from happening, no one can. Even if you undergo plastic surgery, it will not last till the end. Unless, you can freeze time. Sadly, no one can do that, but don't be sad, we might not be able to stop it, we can always slow it down. Good news right?

How? Of course its by taking good care of your skin and maintain healthy lifestyle.
I realize this iron rule after my golden period of age, it literally means it's too late for me. Hahaha.... T_T
I started to really take care of my skin and health not too long ago.. like really very recent.. and I'm going to be 28 this year... its just... too late to have drastic change unless I allow the docs to cut me up.
But, NEVER MIND! I believe its never too late.

So, as previous post mentioned (you can read it here if you have not) I went to Ido's Clinical for skin consultation. Dr Winnie said that I have very very serious uneven tone color. My pores are all seriously clogged. =_="

That's why she suggested that I go through 2 sessions of ECR Peeling before I start taking care of my skin with all the products because if I don't clean the pores first, no matter what magical product I use, it will not work as my skin can not absorb.

As I am typing now, I have finished my second round of peeling. Honestly, except the pimples breakout during the first peeling, I really feel my skin is so much smoother, and the pores are smaller now~ and I'm even fairer! hahaha~ I think that is why I am very motivated to maintain and sayang my skin (face) now~

I have been applying mask like 2 times a week ever since my first peeling. Must keep maintaining it, so that I can look like a snow white~ hahaha... (I bet non of you have ever seen a tan snow white, or should i say snow tan? since I'm not white, haha! okay, lousy joke.) Enough for the nonsense. Let me show you some different masks that I have been using recently.

#1 Lovemore - Australia Agar-Agar Lifting Mask

This Australia Great Barrier Reef agar-agar lifting mask is made specially for female age 25 - 30 with a refreshing base, added on with the sea bird's nest collagen extraction from Australia's Great Barrier Reef and a variety of skin-friendly revitalizing ingredients to keep your skin youthful like 18-year-old.

Its very moisturising and  I really really love the smell~

#2 Beauty Diary- 2 steps Oceania Firming Pack

This mask comes with a Glasswort Hydrating Mask 23 ml/ pc and Marine Firming Cream 2 ml/ pc
It contains with Glasswort Hydrating Mask and Marine Firming Cream. The mask has the ingredient of Glasswort Aqua Collagen to nourish, rejuvenate and renew the skin. It is helpful to improve skin from tired, loose and dry condition and giving a renewal skin with firming and tightening effect. The Step 2, Marine Elastin Cream, contains collagen to retain the skin's elasticity and energy, reduce fine lines and give a firming looking skin. Suitable for all skin types especially for dull and tired skin with fine lines.

Step 1: Tear off the bottom part and apply the paper mask to your face. Leave it for 15-30 mins (I leave it until it dries up itself, kiasu.. haha)

#Me with the mask on~

Step 2: Peel off the upper part and apply adequate amount of moisturiser to your face in circular motion. The moisturiser is actually quite alot, but I fully utilize every single bit of it. haha~

#3 Beauty Diary- 2 steps Africa Hydrating Pack
The mask is formulated with Africa’s wild natural plant ingredients such as mango, Morocco myrtle, sea coconut, and frankincense extract supposedly.

Step 1: Mango Moisturizing Mask 23ml for efficiently locking in water,rejuvenating, nourishing & moisturizing the skin with the presence of mango extracts.

Step 2: Myrtle Rejuvenating Emulsion 2ml that helps to retain the moisture level in the skin,firming up,brightening and giving radiance to the skin.Suitable for all skin types especially for dry & loose looking skin.

#4 Lovemore- Pearl Barley & Milk Silk mask

This is probably my favorite mask for now!

Love More Pearl Barley & Milk Silk mask is composed with high quality deep ocean water as base, add in selected top grade plant extracts and traditional formulation from all over Taiwan and then combine various professional ingredients.
This is a silk mask which is different from normal paper mask. One side with white paper, one side blue.

Step 1: Take out the white part (throw it away)

Step 2: Apply the mask to your face (place the side where the white part was taken out to your face, the blue side facing out.)

Step 3: remove the blue part

Tadaahh! See, its so thin right? like silk!

It fits so well to your face~ and it really smells very very very nice!! hohoho~ I have white/ grey eyebrow here~ haha

It may not be the most expensive, but it provides the skin the most desired and most sought-after nutrition.
Skin is left healthier and more gradient. LOVE IT! LOVE MORE!

Frankly speaking, I think I really never used an eye mask before. LOL~~
no wonder my eyes look so old.. (bangs my head to the wall..)
So this is my so called first trial on eye mask? muahaha~
When I was looking for eye mask to try on, I saw this cute eyes looking at me like begging me to bring them home.. so yea, I brought them home.. hahaha!

#5 Love More 3 in 1 Soothing Eye Contour Bio-Cellulose Mask

It has a plastic casing to hold it..

Step 1: Peel the white sheet off

Step 2: Place it to your eye

Step 3: Then peel off the pink sheet and enjoy the love of Love More~
Its more like gel-ish kind of feel than paper mask feel. It fits perfectly to your eye area.
Do I look like cat woman? or robin? or zorro? lol

Finally, let me show you something extra~ taadahhh~!!
My face 2 weeks after the first ERC Peeling by Ido's Clinical

Look at the pimples breakout (in fact, it got so much better after i keep applying all those masks, see the previous post here for more scary photos). I swear I was so terrified and really feel like crying everyday as I am afraid that I AM GONNA LOOK LIKE THIS FOREVER!

So one day, I went back to Ido's Clinical for review, and they gave me a facial and apply mask for me. hehe~

The lady who apply the mask for me undoubtedly is a new comer, just look at how she place the mask on me... >_<

This is almost 4 weeks after the peeling.. getting better.. getting there.. lol
I told myself that everyday~ its gonna be okay, its gonna be good, its gonna be pretty...

Gel mask by when I visited them again on the 4th week~

Actually, beside masks, I have been using some facial skin care and some supplement that I think its really helping me a lot in recovering and keeping my skin better~ I will share it with you in the other post~ hehe..

By the way.. this is how I look like now~~

Pretty? I have no makeup, no filter, no ps on this photo~
I find that I really love myself more and more each day now~! hehehe 

p/s: By the time this schedule post being published, I should be at Zouk Singapore with kareshi for his friend has performance there, enjoying myself~ hehe!! First time meeting kareshi's friends, a bit nervous actually~ lol. Well, hope you guys have a great weekend too ya~! ^_^

I need your Love~♥

♥~Live to Dream′Dream to Live~♥

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