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Other than skin care and cosmetics, another thing that I have tons will be body lotion. I have been suffering from Eczema (skin allergy) for almost 11 years (since 18 yo).
It used to be very very bad, dark patches and scars all over my body. Wrote about it before, you may read it here.

But things are so much better now because I continuously watch my diet, and those ugly dark patches and scars are so so so much lighter/ gone now. Thanks to the collagen I have been drinking (will share about it in another post) throughout the years, and of course, Lotions that keep me moisturized.

I have tried dozens of lotions over the years. What shown here is really the very recent ones (nobody keeps empty bottles for 10 years, lol). I will not go through all of them but the few that work for my allergy.

From left to right: Vaseline age defense, Cetaphil Intensive Moisturiser (with Shea butter), Johnson Baby Lotion (Aloe vera & Vit E), MooGoo Irritable Skin Balm (steriod free), Physiogel Lotion, Foot Lotion (in pink), Trillium Organics Fresh Lime Organic Body Oil (paraben free), Sasa Body Lotion- Lily (I don't use this actually, its a gift from a friend), last but not least Jergens Age Defying and Jergens Ultra Healing (the 2 big bottles at the back)

Cetaphil is one of the common popular moisturizer lotion for dry to very dry skin. It contains Shea Butter that is well known as a superb moisturizer with exceptional healing properties for the skin.

Vitamin A in Shea Butter can improve several skin conditions including blemish wrinkles, stretch marks, dermatitis and Eczema.

It is fragrance free, hence do not expect fancy nice smell but just lotion. After apply, you will feel sorta sticky like there's a thick layer wax on your skin. It does helps to prevent my eczema turning worse but my skin seems to be immune to it after 2 tubs.

MooGoo irritable Skin Balm was recommended by a pharmacist. I ran out of moisturizer lotion and was having a breakout so I went to pharmacy to search for suitable ones. Initially, the pharmacist recommended me Cetaphil, but I told him that it's not working anymore, I need something different or stronger. So he intro this.

Its good! It calms my irritated skin, I don't feel itchy after applying it and I can finally have a good night sleep! I really love it. But.. it's not cheap. I remember buying it at RM 69/ tube. You might think that it's not that expensive what.. yes I would agree in normal usage but not if you gonna apply almost your whole body twice a day.

Physiogel is another love of mine. My first bottle was actually given by Joey (my ex-vice consul). He mentioned that his son also suffers from skin allergy. This is what he uses and its really good. It wasn't available in Johor Bahru that time, so he bought it from Singapore for me. It does it's job. Kept my skin moisturized for long hours and it doesn't feel sticky and greasy like most intense moisturizing lotion do. Awesome right? Physiogel is now available in most pharmacies in Johor Bahru, and if not mistaken it's available at some Watson too.

Apart from lotions, sometimes I apply body oil. I will use it only if my skin is extremely dry or when I wanna pamper my skin. This Trillium Organics was given by my cousin hence I am not sure of its price. I kinda like it because it has a natural light lime scent (not those artificial fragrance), most important is after applying, I always wake up with a nice pampered skin. I will definitely love to keep one bottle in stock in case I ran out mine.

Okay, the last one. Always keep the best to the last huh?

Featured are Jergens lotion. I must say I love them.
This was introduced by my kareshi. This is because I once applied MooGoo on him, his face turns blue. He can't stand the smell. He said its too smelly.

[Hello.. its MooGoo's okay. RM 69/ tube, not those Cheapo lotion hor.]
"Erm.. but still doesn't smell good leh! and.. walao~ why so expensive??"
[There's no fragrance inside of course it won't smell like perfume. Erm.. it's this kind of price one ma, no meh?]
"Never mind, next week I buy the lotion I always use for you. Its VERY GOOD! and cheap!"

He bought me Jergens Age Defying and I fall in love with it instantly!

The texture is like facial milk lotion but despite the light texture, it is very moisturizing! Okay, you will feel a thin layer wax on your skin after apply but it will be gone after your skin fully adsorbs it. I apply it twice a day, full body and I really love it.

After the first bottle, I tried their Ultra healing lotion too.

Ultra healing is more intense than Age Defying hence you can feel the texture is "thicker".
It really heals your skin a lot faster. Kareshi use it whenever he had sun burn. The old ultra healing doesn't smells good but the one I got is the improved version which actually smells not bad~ I normally apply age defying in the morning and ultra healing in the night (daily basis).

Here I am trying to show the before and after, but don't know if the camera captures such detail. This is my first time using my camera for blog photos. It is slightly more troublesome compare to phone photos.

Previous posts photos were taken by iphone 5, I can directly attache photos from phone using blogger app. But camera takes a lot more work. After photo-shoot, have to transfer to laptop, watermark, upload to picasa web album (slow!), then only I can attach the photos to blog. But if it provides better photo quality, then I think it's still worth the trouble la. hehe. Okay, back to the before and after.

Before applying. Skin is kinda/ sorta "rough" and dry

Slap on Jergens Age defying

Apply and massage evenly. I normal will do light massage when applying lotion. Just give a little pressure will do. Can you see that it's more dewy? and my skin looks more rejuvenated! Jergens lotion really keeps you moisturize whole day long. Even if I apply in the morning, but I can still feel the lotion on my skin when I shower in the night after work! It stays to protect your skin from harm. ALL DAY.

After using Jergens for around 5 months, my skin really improves a lot. My skin doesn't gets irritated easily now, and if I am having eczema breakout (due to stress, weather or accidentally ate the wrong food) I will just apply ultra healing for days and it will recover.

Such a good product in such big size, it should be expensive right? But, it's not. Its so so so much affordable if you compare to other lotions I mentioned above.
Really worth every penny.

Before I end (sorry that this post has become way too long), here is the ingredient list of Jergens Age Defying and Ultra healing for those of you that are interested.

If you would like to know more...
Trillium Organics:

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