Aud-Talks: Johor Weekend Changes- Friday and Saturday

*UPDATE 23.11.13
Johor Sultan has officially announced Johor weekend changed to Friday and Saturday effective from 1 Jan 2014. Read more on thestar online.

The spread of news on Johor weekend changes

Yes, you did not see this wrongly nor I type it wrongly.

News/ rumors about Johor is expected to change the weekend of Saturday/ Sunday to Friday/ Saturday turned hot in the past few days. Have you heard of it?

The news is said to begin from the social networking site Facebook claiming that the state and the religion of Islam Johor (MAIJ) is studying the move. This issue was mentioned few months back but went quiet after that.

However, there were no announcement about the said proposal yet but Menteri Besar Mohamed Khaled Nordin refused to comment on the rumours.

Mohamed Khaled said the state government does not has any plans relating to weekly holidays conversion and the decision depends on the sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar.

I personally strongly, firmly OBJECT! Come on, who wanna work on Sunday? Not me!
Honestly, every country is trying to improve, uhh.. but why only Malaysia is trying so hard to go backwards all the time?? It really puzzle me sia...

What's your say on this issue? Would you prefer Friday- Saturday as weekend? or You are the same as me, supports Saturday and Sunday?

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