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After a year, I finally have the chance to return to Number76 for my hair!! Phew.. And I brought mummy along! This time, I went to Bangsar Telawi branch instead of midvalley as my other activities will take place somewhere around Bangsar, so better still just stick to one area. Traffic in KL is really no joke...

This time, I had Yoshi to do his magic. I leave all the decisions making to him. Initially, I though of cutting it short again, but Yoshi said it's better to keep the current length, but he will trim and layered my hair.

Tadah! After almost 3 hours, this is how I look. What I did that day was collagen coloring, tansan treatment, Ultra Sonic Magic treatment, and cut by Yoshi.

My hair color under natural sunlight. Yoshi said, its Orange Beige Brown. Lol so complicated. But no Ombre, no highlight leh.. >_<

Hair looks like this in indoor ballroom. I sorta love my current hair.. It is much lighter and has more "movement" (said Yoshi). He said he cut my hair in a way that even normal blow dry will give me this wavy look! Uhh... is he god or what? Damn suitable for people as lazy as me! lol.

My hair looks so much "alive" now compared to my previous "dead fish" hair. Although it is really not much obvious change from the previous look, but yea, I like it! ^_^ Hair is so smooth now! Banzai to magic treatment! lol

And of course not forgetting my mummy! Mummy's hair doesn't change much either (even more less obvious than mine). She also did coloring, magic treatment, tansan, and cut by Yoshi too!

When I told her that I wanna bring her to Number76 for hairdo, she declined my offer as she's afraid that I will spend too much money but I told her, it wasn't often for such spending. It is really once in a blue moon and I really hope to pamper her, shower her with good service and good food. At last, she gave me a go. Hehe. I hope she enjoyed.

Domo Arigatou gozaimasu Yoshi San!!

After our luxury hairdo, we meet up with Aunt Diong- Mummy and Daddy's old old friend. But, let the gathering continue in the next post. Lol because I wanna introduce her restaurant! It's really a must try!! You will NEVER, NEVER regret. Seriously. No joke.

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