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I always feel thankful to the one who invented hair conditioner, it's like a must have bathroom item or else your hair will be a total mess. Agree? But why have I not thought of a skin conditioner before?

Obviously, Nivea is smarter because they recently launched their latest product - Skin Conditioner: RINSE OFF BODY LOTION!!

Nivea in-shower skin conditioner is the 1st rinse off lotion using the latest unique water-activated formula to design and formulate it, in order it to be used only in shower but yet leaving skin feeling hydrated and silky soft instantly.
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Yes, you heard me right! It is a body lotion that works like shower gel (rinse off after application) but also like a hair conditioner (moisturizing your skin), amazing invention right?

This skin conditioner comes in 2 types, the normal and the dry skin. I have eczema, so my skin needs intensive care that's why I picked the blue bottle.

It is available in Watson at RM 11.90 only! It's not expensive for 250 ml, any of my body lotion cost much much more.

Ingredient and direction of use are stated clearly at the back. There's even a caution message indicating there might slippery floor after the usage of the lotion. Quite considerate I would say.

How to use? Well first, shower as you would normally do. Apply shower gel, rinse off. The texture of it is just like the ordinary body lotion. You can't really tell the difference from the outlook.

Now apply Nivea in-shower skin conditioner. You don't need a lot for whole body as your body is wet, it's easy to spread. A full pump or two is enough for my whole body.

Unlike hair conditioner (requires waiting time), you can rinse off the skin conditioner right after applying it. I really wonder how does it "moisturized" the skin when you rinse it off right away, but amazingly it really does!
Amused? So am I. My skin does feels very different instantly! It is smooth and silky. Most importantly it does not feels sticky nor greasy! You have to try it yourself to experience this amazing result. Ohh, I can't help but keep touching my own skin (opps, sounds a bit cheeky huh!)!

It is in fact quite troublesome that I have to apply lotion everyday (day and night) in order to give my skin the maximum protection due to my skin allergy. I would love to apply extra moisture/ intensive care type of lotion for both day and night if I can, but sadly for morning, I can only use milder/ normal type so that it won't be sticky or greasy.

Now, with Nivea in-shower skin conditioner I can have extra protection in the morning too! Just apply, rinse off and walk out with intensive/ extra moisturized skin! Thank you to whoever that invented this, you saved my day skin! Problem solved!
Need more hard proof? Check out Nadia and Jason Godfrey's view on it!

How about now? Tempted? Don't hold back, go get it from the nearest Watson or major pharmacies now. It is really not expensive (RM 11.90), but if you really would like to try it first before purchasing, here's a good news!

Nivea is giving away free sample to all of you! All you need to do is fill in your personal information at Nivea Facebook Page. You can also make your pledge there to stand a chance to win a full year supply of NIVEA In-Shower Skin Conditioner and share it with 3 BFFs of yours! WOW!!

Now, stop reading and get going. Let's have smooth silky skin together. Don't forget to show me some love too! Share it to your friends by pressing the buttons hanging on the left. 

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