Cutest Aroma Necklace from Japan

Two or three years ago, when I first saw Nicole wearing a pendant alike necklace I was attracted by it. After asking, only to realize that's an aroma necklace. I was tempted to get one then, but in the end didn't.

Last year when I went for a #review for Soap GalleryI saw them selling #aromatherapy #necklace too! I did not get one from them because I couldn't find one that I like. Just when I thought this will be on infinity hold again, my cousin told me that he will be back from #Japan to celebrate #CNY here. Light bulb moment! I can get him to buy one for me! Now, this is what I call fated.

Spent few days researching on aroma necklace, searching high and low for a heart-shaped ones, finally this is what I am getting from Naomi Factory (of course with the help from kareshi in choosing the designs)!

Now all  need to do is wait for his return! I am so excited! It's good to have relatives overseas huh!

So here's my hauls from Japan!! Mostly food, not much of beauty stuff though (not sure if I should ask a guy to get me beauty stuff, lol) Okay, all the kitkats are for my mum. She is a #kitkat lover so I got my cousin to buy her all the limited edition flavours for her (cost me a bomb!), and of course the #TokyoBanana is also for her. The only thing that belongs to me will be the necklace and the foot mask. I've yet to try the foot mask, will blog about it after trying.

My lovely aroma necklace all the way from Japan (the above photo shows 2 boxes on the bottom right, one belongs to Nicole. She tumpang to get one too!) It is nicely wrapped with pink fabric wrapper and sealed in a white box.

Naomi Factory Ribbon Black heart shape aroma necklace. It comes with a pump. The pendant which is made of glass is 24 mm (width) x 13 mm (depth) x 25 mm (height) and the chain length is about 42 cm + adjuster (about 5 cm). It is very light, about 7 g (the weight of the chain is not included). The chain is processed in Japan factory with Rhodium which is difficult to discolour.

I filled it with the #lavender essential oil I got from Soap gallery from the previous review. Unlike some other aroma necklace in the market, this one has a sealing cap which makes me wonder how does the aroma disperse? Well, it is through body heat. Nice right? It won't spilled like those cap-less ones (I probably will have to stock up cartons of essential oil because I wear it twenty four seven).

I especially love this black heart-shaped aroma necklace because it is so easy to match with different outfit. Very stylish and chic! Kareshi says he will get me a leather kind of chocker for a stronger look. I really spent lot's of time researching to finally get this. Don't believe, try googling aroma necklace. What you get will be those very ah tiong (China-ish) and ugly ones. Even ebay, you can't find a decent one. Only in Japan. Really! Only Japan is capable of  such exquisite ones.

Now I smell good! Maybe I don't need perfume anymore! I'm in love~~ lol. Cousin will be coming back again in October, time to get my item list prepared again! I just can't stop loving #Japan!

Oh ya, if I have enough queries for this, I might open up a spree order so when my cousin comes back from Japan in October, he can bring it back. So don't forget to follow me on the channels available below to be updated.


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